ZXZYHFTY 13-Note Steel Tongue Drum – 12″ Handpan with Bag, Mallets, Music Book, Perfect for Meditation, Yoga, Relaxation


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Discover Serenity and Joy with the ZXZYHFTY 13-Note Steel Tongue Drum

Let your spirit sing with the magical resonances of the ZXZYHFTY steel tongue drum. This high-quality 12-inch handpan features 13 tuned steel ‘tongues’ that produce ethereal, meditative tones when struck. The included mallets, carrying bag, and instructional booklet make it easy to start playing soothing melodies wherever inspiration strikes.

ZXZYHFTY’s steel tongue drum blends worldwide influences from Caribbean steel drums to ancient gongs. Its circular design represents unity and balance. Playing it can induce a deep sense of harmony and tranquility. With practice, you’ll be able to lose yourself in the flowing rhythms and delicate chimes.

This intuitive instrument allows musical beginners to create beauty right away. The marked notes let you follow simple sheet music or play by ear. Its moderate volume and mellow timbre make it ideal for personal relaxation or creating ambience. Gather with friends, family, or community to share in the drum’s gifts of mindful presence.

Why You’ll Love the ZXZYHFTY Steel Tongue Drum:

– 13 tuned steel tongues produce resonant, meditative tones

– Notes are marked on each tongue to guide beginners

– Handcrafted carbon steel alloy construction for lasting quality

– 12″ diameter is ideal portable size for travel and practice

– Hollow body enhances resonance and reverb

– Moderate volume perfect for relaxation and ambience

– Includes mallets, padded gig bag, music book, and accessories

– Easily create flowing rhythms and peaceful melodies

– Experience harmony, mindfulness, and creative expression

Handcrafted Design for Enduring Beauty

ZXZYHFTY’s expert craftsmanship ensures this steel tongue drum will provide years of mindfulness and musical joy. It’s precision-tuned by hand for optimal playability and hypnotic reverberation.

The high-grade carbon steel alloy withstands dents and wear while producing bright, lingering tones. The 12-inch diameter fits nicely on a table or lap for easy playing and transport. Weighing under 5 pounds, it’s no burden to take everywhere inspiration strikes.

The hollow body amplifies sound as notes ring out through the cavity. This allows rich resonance despite the drum’s moderate volume that won’t overpower relaxed settings.


Everything You Need to Start Playing

ZXZYHFTY includes everything you need to unlock the steel tongue drum’s potential for creative expression and contemplation.

The set includes:
– 13-note steel tongue drum with marked notes
– 2 rubber mallets with padded handles
– Gig bag with shoulder strap and pocket
– Music book with playing tips and song basics
– Drumstick holder for easy access while playing
– 4 rubber pads to play with fingers
– 2 stickers to mark your preferred note layout

The gig bag’s thick padding protects your drum during travel and storage. Slip in the mallets, music book, and accessories and take your instrument anywhere inspiration beckons.

Intuitive, Meditative Musicality

Though visually simple in design, the hypnotic beauty of the steel tongue drum is revealed when played.

Rubber mallets softly strike the notes, allowing sustained tones to bloom and fade. Exploration yields shifting harmonies, rhythms, and melodies to quiet the mind. You’ll find yourself sinking into a calm, focused state.

The ZXZYHFTY steel tongue drum harnesses the power of music for mindfulness. Its soothing resonance transports the spirit. Friends and family will flock to bask in its relaxing qualities. Solo practice fosters self-reflection and growth.

This intuitive instrument calls everyone to make music, from total beginners to lifelong drummers. Marked notes lower the barrier and speed learning. Yet there’s always more to explore across its range.

Let the ZXZYHFTY steel tongue drum awaken artist, healer, and sage within. Wherever its voice resonates, tranquility is sure to follow.

The Healing Power of Handpan Music

In our fast-paced, stressed-out world, we all need refuge from the frenzy of life. That’s why instruments like the steel tongue drum have become so popular for meditation, yoga, and intentional relaxation.

The drum’s calming tones create a pool of tranquility both internally and in your environment. Its vibrations resonate with soothing frequencies that bring body and mind into alignment. You’ll feel tension dissipate as melodies transport you.

Playing handpan invites you into the now. The present moment becomes charged with peace and meaning. Your senses awaken to subtle beauty all around. Inspiration flows as you channel melodies from the heart.

The steel tongue drum connects us to ancient wisdom. Humankind has used sound healing and music therapy for thousands of years. These intuitive tools help counter modern anxiety and malaise.

Let the sacred medicine of handpan music heal and strengthen you. Its gifts are needed now more than ever. Share them freely – the world could use more peace today.

Enjoy a Musical Journey with ZXZYHFTY

The ZXZYHFTY 13-note steel tongue drum opens the door to lifelong musical and spiritual rewards. Its quality handcrafted design will provide years of tranquility and creative expression.

For musical novices, it’s the perfect gateway instrument. The marked notes lower barriers to start playing beautiful melodies right away. As your skills grow, explore composition, rhythmic complexity, and dynamic phrasing.

When played in community, these special instruments foster togetherness. Guests instinctively gather to soak in the soothing ambience. Musicians jam together in tranquil harmony.

The ZXZYHFTY handpan inspires healing, joy, and human connection. Let its resonance lead you on a musical journey without limits. Bring home the gift of serenity today!


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