Zoom AIH-1 Audio Interface Holder Clamp Mount


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Keep Your Zoom Audio Interface Secure and Accessible

When you’re recording on the go or in tight spaces, finding a place for your Zoom audio interface can be a hassle. Avoid the headaches of unstable desk placements and tangled cords with the Zoom AIH-1 interface holder clamp mount. Designed specifically for Zoom’s popular U-22, U-24, and U-44 interfaces, this sturdy mount keeps your gear securely anchored and positioned exactly where you need it.

The versatile clamp design allows flexible mounting to mic stands, desks, mixing boards, and more to accommodate any recording scenario. Fitting seamlessly with your interface, the mount provides a rock-solid home base so you can focus on your music. Plus, the integrated cable management keeps connections neat and accessible. Now you can capture professional-quality audio anywhere inspiration strikes without the interface slippage and clutter.


  • Specifically designed for Zoom U-22, U-24 & U-44 interfaces
  • Secure clamp fits up to 2″ thickness
  • Mounts to mic stands, desks, mixing boards, shelves
  • Holds interface in horizontal or vertical position
  • Integrated cable management clip
  • Lightweight & portable aluminum alloy construction

Rock-Solid Mounting

A rock-solid foundation is crucial for crystal clear recordings free of vibrations and interface movement noise. This interface holder clamp delivers with a sturdy aluminum alloy construction that keeps your gear secure.

The mount fits interfaces up to 4 inches wide and weighs just 0.4 pounds for easy portability. But don’t let the lightweight design fool you – the industrial-grade clamp opens wide to anchor firmly to surfaces up to 2 inches thick. The tough padded jaws provide a vice-like hold without marring furniture or equipment.

Whether clamped to a desktop, mic stand, mixing board side, or other mounting point, you can trust your U-22, U-24 or U-44 is held steadily in place for top-notch stability during recording.

Position It Your Way

The ball joint connector where the clamp arm meets the interface plate provides 270 degrees of movement so you can position your Zoom interface horizontally or vertically. Angle it for easy access to controls and connections. Reduce desktop footprint by rotating vertically. Point the headphone jack toward the talent. With endless options, you can set it up perfectly for your needs.

Forget struggling to prop up your interface against makeshift stands. The mount gets the solid angle and elevation you need to integrate your Zoom audio interface seamlessly into any recording rig or desktop setup. All the connections remain neatly accessible to you while keeping cords secured.

Wherever Sound Happens

This mounting clamp was designed for maximum recording versatility. Its lightweight aluminum design and oversized clamp make it easy to securely attach your U-22, U-24 or U-44 just about anywhere inspiration strikes:

  • Mic stands – Capture vocals or instruments on stage or in rehearsal spaces
  • Desktops – Free up space while keeping it handy for overdubs
  • Mixing boards – Integrate into your live rig without clutter
  • Shelves – Mount nearby for quick access when recording

The clamp is padded to provide a sturdy grip anywhere from 0.4 – 2 inches thick. The ball joint gives you the exact position you need.

For home studios and project studios, it provides convenient mounting next to your desktop. Holds steady on computer desks, workbenches, and table edges. Take it on the road to integrate with your portable rig. The compact mount goes anywhere you need pro-level audio interfacing.

Smart Cable Management

A mess of cables and adapters hanging off your audio interface can quickly turn your recording setup into a cluttered mess. This mount helps keep connections organized and out of the way with an integrated clip that neatly gathers and secures cords along the arm.

No more tracing mystery cables that disappear behind the interface. With the mount keeping connections neatly directed along one side, everything remains easily accessible and identifiable at a glance while recording.

Designed For Zoom Quality

With a secure clamp designed for portability and a smart cable clip, this interface holder delivers reliable Zoom quality. Crafted from durable aluminum alloy with precisely engineered joints, the mount is made to handle transport and frequent positioning adjustments while providing long-lasting performance.

Depend on secure mounting and flexible positioning to integrate your U-22, U-24 or U-44 into any recording setup. Capture top quality audio everywhere you create with rock-solid stability from Zoom.

Zoom AIH-1 Audio Interface Holder Clamp Mount

Easily integrate your Zoom audio interface into any recording setup with this smart clamp-on mount. Avoid interface slippage and keep connections organized for professional quality audio capture anywhere you go.


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