Yosoo 3.5mm TRS to TRRS Converter Adapter Cable for Smartphones and Tablets – Connect External Mics to Mobile Devices


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Having issues using your external microphone with your mobile device? The Yosoo 3.5mm TRS to TRRS Converter Cable easily adapts most external mics for seamless use with smartphones, tablets, and more.

This adapter allows mics designed for cameras and voice recorders to be plugged into your phone’s headset jack. Simply connect your external mic to the TRS end of the adapter, then plug the TRRS end into your mobile device’s headphone port to enable high-quality audio input.

Key Features:

Compatible with Mobile Devices: Works with smartphones, tablets, voice recorders, GoPros, DSLR cameras, and any device with a TRRS headphone jack.

TRS to TRRS Conversion: Converts from 3 pole TRS connectors used by most external mics to 4 pole TRRS for compatibility with smartphones and mobile devices.

Lossless Audio Quality: High fidelity, gold-plated connectors maintain pure sound quality without noise, static, or signal loss.

Durable Construction: Reinforced TPE cable and molded strain relief provide added flexibility and prevent breakage at connection points.

Plug-and-Play Operation: No special software or drivers needed. Just connect your mic to the TRS end and plug the TRRS end into your phone.

Compact and Portable: At just 13 inches in length, this adapter tucks away in your gear bag for hassle-free portability.

Connect Professional Microphones to Mobile Devices

The Yosoo TRS to TRRS Adapter allows you to connect high-end external microphones from brands like Shure and Audio-Technica to smartphones and tablets. This enables professional-quality audio capture directly on your mobile device.

Whether you need to record interviews in the field or capture crisp audio at concerts, this adapter seamlessly interfaces XLR condensers, shotgun mics, lavalier mics, and any other 3 pole TRS microphone with the TRRS jack on your phone or tablet.

Simply use a 3 pole aux cable to connect your professional mic to the TRS end of the adapter. Then plug the TRRS end into your device’s headset port to start recording studio-quality audio. No need for bulky field recorders.

The cable’s reinforced design also withstands frequent use while the gold-plated connectors maintain reliable signal transfer with no loss in audio quality.

Enhance Mobile Audio for Podcasting, Vlogging or Gaming

Take your mobile recordings to the next level by plugging in a dedicated external microphone. The boosted audio quality helps make podcasts, vlogs, voiceovers, and livestreams sound more professional.

An external microphone with a tight pickup pattern also minimizes background noise. This allows for better interviews, music vocals, voiceovers, and audio for YouTube or gaming while on the go.

The Yosoo adapter even lets you use analog XLR mics with Lightning port iPhones and USB-C devices. For Lightning ports, just combine it with Apple’s female USB to Lightning adapter.

With universal 3.5mm connector compatibility, the adapter enables mics from all brands to enhance the built-in mic on any smartphone, tablet, camera, or mobile device.

Experience Clear Communication and Pure Audio

Stop struggling with muffled built-in mics and start capturing audio precisely the way you want. With the Yosoo TRS to TRRS Adapter, external microphones integrate flawlessly with the headset jack on your mobile device for crystal clear audio in any situation.


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