Yojoker 18 Pack Acoustic Panels – Self Adhesive Polyester Sound Absorbing Panels for Wall Soundproofing and Noise Reduction




Transform any noisy space into a sound sanctuary with the Yojoker 18 Pack Acoustic Panels. This complete set of 18 sound absorbing panels reduces echo, enhances audio clarity, and minimizes exterior noise in studios, offices, classrooms, rehearsal spaces, and more.

Each 12 x 12 x 0.4 inch acoustic panel is crafted from high density, 100% polyester fiber for superior noise blocking and sound absorption. The upgraded 242.5kg/m3 density offers better acoustic dampening than traditional foam panels. Simply stick them to walls, doors, windows, and ceilings to see an immediate improvement in sound quality.

Unlike some cheap, flimsy panels, these are built to last. The durable polyester fiber construction resists degradation over time. Cut and shape these sturdy panels to suit any space. Their fire-retardant and formaldehyde-free composition makes them safe for homes, schools, nurseries – anywhere people breathe the air deeply.

Installing these sound absorbing panels is a breeze thanks to the built-in adhesive backing. Just peel and stick to the desired surface, no additional hardware or tools needed. Remove them easily by heating the adhesive with a hair dryer.

With 18 total panels in this complete acoustic set, you have the flexibility to cover large and small spaces for a fully customized noise solution. Use the panels individually or combine them to form unique shapes. Their beveled edges allow for seamless connections between panels.

Getting excellent soundproofing for your space is cost-effective with this 18 pack. The more you buy, the more you save compared to purchasing individually. Whether you need to cover your entire studio or just dampen noise in a small vocal booth, this acoustic panel set has you covered.

Acoustic Panel Pack Includes:

  • 18 sound absorbing panels
  • 12 x 12 x 0.4 inch size
  • Self-adhesive backing for easy install
  • Fire retardant and formaldehyde-free
  • 100% polyester fiber construction
  • High density 242.5kg/m3 material
  • Reduces echo and enhances audio clarity
  • Sound dampening for walls, doors, windows, ceilings
  • Ideal for studios, offices, classrooms, rehearsal spaces, theaters

Key Benefits:

  • Excellent Soundproofing: Significantly decreases echo and ambient noise thanks to high density polyester fiber material.
  • Premium Safety: Non-toxic, fire retardant, and formaldehyde-free. Safe for homes, schools, studios, offices.
  • Easy Application: Self-adhesive backing sticks securely to surfaces for quick, simple installation.
  • Sound Dampening Design: Absorbs excess noise and evenly distributes acoustics for enhanced sound quality.
  • Versatile Shape Options: Cut panels to customized sizes and combine for creative acoustic solutions.
  • Cost-Effective Pack: 18 panels for wide coverage. Buying in bulk saves money.

Drastically reduce noise distractions and improve audio clarity with the complete Yojoker 18 Pack Acoustic Panel set. Their superior polyester fiber material outperforms acoustic foam for professional-grade soundproofing.

Cover entire studios, offices, classrooms, theaters, and more with 18 sound-dampening panels. Customize placement as needed to eliminate echo and standing waves in any room. Artists, audio engineers, podcasters, and musicians benefit from a true sound sanctuary optimized for high quality recordings and performances.

Don’t settle for lackluster acoustics plagued by reverberations and outside distractions. Create an oasis of peace and sound clarity with these self-adhesive panels. Their fire retardant and non-toxic build makes them ideal for homes, daycares, schools, and anywhere people spend a lot of time.

Experience the difference professional acoustic treatment makes. Elevate your sound quality and focus your audio. Make recordings, videos, conference calls, and conversations crisp and clear when it matters most.


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