YIMAGUJRX RUNJRX 2-Tier Acrylic Keyboard Stand – Showcase Your Mechanical Keyboard in Style




Do you want a stylish and practical way to display your prized mechanical gaming keyboard? Look no further than the YIMAGUJRX RUNJRX 2-Tier Acrylic Keyboard Stand. This acrylic keyboard display stand is specifically designed for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts who want to highlight their keyboard as a centerpiece on their desktop.

Sturdy Acrylic and Stainless Steel Construction

Constructed from 5mm thick custom acrylic sheets and stainless steel tubes, this keyboard stand is built to last. The acrylic offers a crystal clear view of your keyboard, while the stainless steel tubes provide rigid support. An O-ring on each tube prevents any scratches when you tighten the stand. Both the acrylic and steel are resistant to corrosion and rust.

2-Tier Design Shows Off Your Keyboard

The 2-tier design provides an elevated platform to exhibit your keyboard at an ergonomic typing angle. The bottom tier allows you to store mouse, headphones, USB cables or other desk accessories. This stand helps keep your desk neat and organized while prominently displaying your prized possession.

Easy Tool-Free Assembly

Assembling this keyboard stand only takes a few minutes and requires no tools. Just attach the steel tubes to the acrylic plates, adjust them to your desired width, and tighten the tubes. The O-rings provide friction to keep the stand securely tightened. Disassembly is just as easy for transport or storage.

Universal Compatibility

With dimensions of 6.9 x 5.9 x 5.3 inches, this keyboard stand fits most full-size mechanical gaming keyboards from major brands such as Corsair, Razer, Logitech, HyperX and more. The bottom tier provides enough room for large gaming mouses and keyboards with wrist rests.

Show Off Your Keyboard in Style

Every enthusiast knows that half the fun is in styling your desktop setup. This clear acrylic keyboard stand lets your mechanical keyboard take center stage. The sleek and transparent acrylic highlight the keyboard’s LED backlighting and colors.

Gamers can exhibit their high-performance gaming keyboards from top brands fitted with precision mechanical switches and per-key RGB lighting. The acrylic stand complements the keyboard’s brilliant illumination effects.

For lovers of minimalist keyboards, this stand enhances the clean aesthetics of tenkeyless or 60% keyboards. The understated yet functional design of the stand matches the sleek look of white keycap sets.

Of course, the stand works great for displaying vintage and custom mechanical keyboards too. Showcase that prized keyboard handed down to you or your rare custom build in all its glory.

Keep Your Desktop Neat and Organized

A keyboard on your desk can take up a lot of space. This 2-tier stand elevates your keyboard to free up desk real estate for other items. The bottom tier provides handy storage for your mouse, headphones, controllers or USB cables. With your accessories and wires out of the way, your work surface stays free of clutter.

Ergonomic Design

Having your keyboard sit flat on the desk can lead to hunched shoulders and poor posture over time. This stand positions your keyboard at an incline, promoting better ergonomic posture as you type. This helps reduce hand and wrist strain.

Highlights Your Keyboard as a Decor Piece

Let’s face it, most high-end mechanical keyboards are as much visual eye candy as functional tools. With multicolor backlighting, customizable keycaps and sleek frames, today’s mechanical keyboards are works of art. This clear acrylic stand elevates your keyboard as a decorative accent on your desk.

For live streamers and content creators, it offers a way to aesthetically showcase your setup to your audience. The stand adds some stylish flair whether you’re gaming, coding or working.

Premium Quality Materials

Crafted using 5mm thick custom cut acrylic sheets to avoid cracks and scratches. The stainless steel tubes have a polished silver finish and are solidly constructed. Each tube has an O-ring added to prevent any scuffs or abrasions during setup.

The acrylic is crystal clear so your keyboard is prominently displayed. It resistant to weathering, rust and general wear-and-tear. The steel tubes provide rigid support for the acrylic plates. Overall, this keyboard stand is built premium quality materials to keep your keyboard securely displayed.

Buy with Confidence

YIMAGUJRX RUNJRX provides a 30-day money back guarantee for this 2-tier acrylic keyboard stand. That means you can return it for any reason if you are unsatisfied. We also offer an 18 month replacement warranty for added peace of mind.

Give your prized mechanical gaming keyboard the display stand it deserves. Order the YIMAGUJRX RUNJRX 2-Tier Acrylic Keyboard Stand now to showcase your keyboard in style!


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