YATIME XLR Cables 3ft 4 Pack – Premium Balanced Microphone Cables for Pristine Audio Transmission


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Experience professional audio quality right out of the box with this 4 pack of YATIME XLR cables. Perfectly transmitting signals from mics to speakers, mixing boards and more, these premium balanced cables were designed to provide pristine, interference-free sound.

Constructed with high grade metals and Oxygen-Free Copper conductors, the YATIME XLR cables minimize resistance for clear audio reproduction. The unique multi-layer shielding blocks electromagnetic and radio frequency interference for noiseless mixes and recordings.

With color coded ends and self-locking connectors, plugging in is smooth and secure. The cables lock firmly in place to prevent accidental disconnections, even during live performances. And the color coding helps you identify left and right channels at a glance.

Built for outstanding durability, the YATIME XLR microphone cables can withstand over 10,000 bends without compromising integrity. The flexible PVC jacket also resists corrosion and oxidation over years of use. Sturdy metal housings withstand rugged handling.

Works Seamlessly with Any XLR Interface
Compatible with standard 3-pin XLR ports, these balanced cables effortlessly connect microphones, preamps, speakers and more. Use them for:

– Vocal performances – Connect XLR microphones to mixers or PA systems for clear, consistent voice projection

– Recording studios – Get pristine audio takes by linking mics and equipment with interference-free XLR runs

– PA systems – Transmit balanced mono signals to passive subwoofers and active loudspeakers for noiseless sound

– Stage lighting – Sync lighting consoles with DMX controllers and dimmer packs during theatrical productions

– DJ equipment – Spin flawless sets linking CD players, mixers, and amplifiers across long distances

– Home studios – Capture distortion-free tracks and vocals using balanced XLR outs from preamps to audio interfaces

Premium Construction for Outstanding Performance
– Oxygen-free copper conductors – Minimizes electrical resistance for efficient signal transfer

– Multilayer shielding – Reduces EMI/RFI interference for clear, noiseless signal transmission

– Heavy-duty metal housing – Rugged and withstands harsh handling during installations

– Color coded connectors – Allows easy identification of L/R channels to prevent miswiring

– Self-locking mechanism – Creates a secure connection that won’t disconnect accidentally

Designed for Clarity, Durability and Convenience
With top grade components and sturdy design, these YATIME XLR cables will deliver pristine audio for years of flawless performances and recordings. Shielded to block distracting buzz and hum, they prevent cluttered mixes and distorted tracks.

The thick PVC jacket is flexible yet tough enough for heavy use in studios and on stage. It resists damage from sharp bends and kinks that can compromise signal quality over time.

With color coded plugs and a self-locking mechanism, the cables connect securely every time. Just match red to red and black to black when plugging in and rest assured the cable won’t budge.

For easy cable swaps and stage setups, the 3 foot length reaches between gear without excess slack. And the 4 pack ensures you’ve always got the perfect XLR cable on hand for each application.

Get professional studio-quality sound out of your live performances, recordings, and productions with the YATIME XLR Cables 4 Pack. Designed to carry balanced XLR signals with zero loss or distortion, they’re a smart upgrade for flawless audio.


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