Yamaha TR-16C4 Trumpet Mouthpiece – Standard 17mm Cup for Symphony Players


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Experience the exemplary tone and response that Yamaha trumpet mouthpieces provide with the TR-16C4 model. This mouthpiece delivers the balanced articulation, centered tone and effortless playability that discerning trumpeters demand.

Large, 17mm Cup for Full-Bodied Tone

At the heart of this mouthpiece is the medium-deep, 17mm cup which helps produce a rich, brilliant tone without excessive brightness. The ample cup volume projects well yet retains clarity even during fortissimo passages.

Ideal for Symphony Players

The TR-16C4 is an excellent choice for symphony trumpeters who require dynamic range and tonal subtlety. The finely tuned cup shape allows players to easily adjust their sound from soft and warm to loudly resonant by altering technique.

Semi-Flat Rim for Comfort

Yamaha sculpts the rim with a semi-flat inner contour that provides a comfortable seal against the lips. The rounded outer edge reduces pressure points for fatigue-free playing over long practice and performance sessions.

Semi-Narrow Backbore for Resistance Control

A semi-narrow backbore drill promotes excellent slotting while managing airflow resistance. This makes it easier to play high register notes cleanly without excessive force.

Heavy Silver Plate for Durability

Yamaha plates each TR-16C4 mouthpiece with an extra thick silver finish. This protects the critical cup and rim surfaces from dents and scratches even with daily use. The resulting smooth surface also helps prevent lip irritation.

Wide Compatibility

This mouthpiece fits any standard Bb trumpet from Yamaha, Bach, Conn, Getzen, Holton, Schilke and other brands. It works perfectly on student horns but gives professionals an affordable step-up option.

Step Up Your Sound

Intermediate students will appreciate the fuller tone and expanded range the TR-16C4 provides over their stock mouthpiece. Seasoned players can explore new colors and articulate effortlessly.

Mouthpiece Care Tips

– Rinse off your mouthpiece daily with water and mild soap to prevent buildup
– Periodically soak in a specialty mouthpiece cleaner to sanitize and remove stubborn deposits
– Always grasp by the shank, avoid touching the delicate rim and cup surfaces
– Store in the included plastic cap when not in use to avoid dents

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Experience richer tone and easier playability with the Yamaha TR-16C4 trumpet mouthpiece! Its 17mm cup height gives symphony players the balanced and colorful tone they need.


– Brand: Yamaha
– Model: TR-16C4
– Cup Diameter: 17mm
– Rim Shape: Semi-Flat
– Backbore: Semi-Narrow
– Plating: Silver
– Material: Yellow Brass
– Includes Plastic Cap


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