Yamaha PSR-E273 61-Key Portable Keyboard – Unleash Your Musical Creativity


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The Yamaha PSR-E273 keyboard unlocks a world of music with 61 full-sized keys, hundreds of realistic instrument voices, and versatile features. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned player, this portable keyboard empowers creativity.

Hundreds of High-Quality Voices

Choose from over 500 voices across a diverse range of instruments – including piano, organ, strings, brass, woodwinds, synths, drums, and more. Voices utilize Yamaha’s advanced waveform sampling to capture the unique tonal characteristics of each instrument. Complete drum kits provide realistic rhythmic backing in any genre.

Smart Chord Makes You Sound Like a Pro

With Smart Chord, you can play beautiful chords with just one finger. Simply press a single note, and Smart Chord will automatically complete the chord for you. Choose from preset chord types like major, minor, seventh, and more. Ideal for beginners learning chords and advanced players wanting to quickly compose or accompany.

Powerful Onboard Speakers

Built-in stereo speakers provide impressive 2W + 2W of rich, clear sound. Convenient for playing at home or sharing your music with others. Headphone output lets you plug in headphones for private practice. Connect external speakers for even fuller sound.

PA130 Power Adapter Included

Depend on steady performance with the included PA130 power adapter. Plugs into any AC outlet to power your keyboard without batteries. The compact adapter won’t obstruct other outlets.

61 Full-Size Keys

The 61 touch-sensitive keys are designed to recreate the natural feel of playing piano. Full-size keys help build proper playing technique for new students. And 3 levels of touch response allow dynamic, expressive performances.

Jam Along to Built-In Songs

The built-in songbook provides 100 songs with accompaniment across multiple genres. Choose a tune and play the melody along with professional backing instruments. An invaluable tool for practice and performing.

Aux In Jack for Music Playback

Simply plug your smartphone, MP3 player, or other audio device into the Aux In jack to hear it through the keyboard’s speakers. A convenient way to play along and expand your musical horizons.

Portable and Battery-Powered

Weighing under 8 pounds, the PSR-E273 is easy to take anywhere. Battery operation lets you play for hours without being tethered to an outlet. Unleash your creativity wherever inspiration strikes!

Step Up Your Musicianship with Yamaha

With decades of experience crafting acclaimed keyboards, Yamaha delivers quality sound and features for every level. Enjoy masterful musicality with the PSR-E273 portable keyboard.


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