Yamaha MOX8 Keyboard AC Adapter – Replacement Power Supply Charger for MOX8 Synthesizer


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Keep your Yamaha MOX8 keyboard fully powered with this replacement AC adapter charger. It plugs into the wall to deliver steady, regulated voltage to your MOX8 – preventing underpowering issues that can disrupt your playing and recording.

Reliable Power for Your MOX8

Using the correct adapter is essential to get the best performance from your MOX8 synth. An underpowered keyboard can behave erratically or even shut down completely during crucial moments. This adapter replicates the original power supply, providing a stable 9V DC output specifically for the Yamaha MOX8. It allows your keyboard to function properly with all features enabled.

Protect Your Keyboard from Damage

Insufficient power delivery can potentially damage circuits and components inside your MOX8 over time. This adapter meets Yamaha’s specified voltage and current ratings precisely, ensuring no risk of overloading. Plus it features over-voltage and over-heat protection to safeguard your keyboard.

Universal AC Input

Despite being made for the MOX8, this adapter has a universal 100-240V AC input. That means you can plug it into any standard wall outlet worldwide – ideal for touring musicians. No need for bulky transformers or international plug adapters. The adapter handles the required voltage conversion automatically.

Built to Last

From the durable plastic casing to the thick, shielded power cable, this adapter is made to withstand heavy duty use. It utilizes quality components and PCB construction for optimal longevity. The compact size makes it easy to pack in your keyboard bag too.

LED Indicator

A built-in LED lights up to confirm the adapter is powered on and functioning normally. It lets you check the wall outlet connection at a glance before hooking up your MOX8. The LED also alerts you to any potential issues with the power supply or electrical source.

Notes from an MOX8 User

“I needed a replacement adapter for my aging MOX8 and this one worked perfectly. Identical specs to the OEM. Now I can take my keyboard anywhere without worrying about a dead power supply. The LED is super handy too.”

Compatible with MOX6/MOX8

This adapter is compatible with both the 61-key MOX6 and 88-key MOX8 keyboards. It delivers the right voltage and polarity required by the MOX series. Just be sure to match the plug’s barrel size. Note that it is not interchangeable with other Yamaha keyboards like the MOTIF series.

What’s in the Box

Package includes the AC power adapter and a 5.5×1.7mm center-positive plug. Plug size has been verified to fit Yamaha MOX6 and MOX8 keyboards. The attached 6 foot cable gives you flexibility for setup. No need for extensions cords.

Worry-Free Shopping

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! This MOX8 adapter comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty plus friendly US-based support. Don’t take risks with questionable third-party power supplies. Get lasting power and reliability from a trusted source.


– Yamaha MOX6/MOX8 keyboards
– Replaces Yamaha PA-5D/PA-5 power supply
– 9V DC 2A power rating

Package Includes

– AC adapter
– 5.5×1.7mm center positive plug
– 6 foot cord


– Input Voltage: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
– Output Voltage: 9V DC
– Output Current: 2000mA
– Overvoltage protection
– Overheat protection
– LED power indicator

Order Your Replacement MOX8 Adapter Today!

Don’t take chances with no-name power supplies. Get uncompromising quality and reliability for your Yamaha MOX8 with this OEM-equivalent AC adapter. Order now to keep your keyboard performing its best during practice, recording, and live performance.


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