Way Huge Swollen Pickle Jumbo Fuzz MKII Guitar Effects Pedal


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Unlock your inner rock god with the Way Huge Swollen Pickle Jumbo Fuzz MKII. This pedal delivers massive fuzz tones, allowing you to go from subtle overdrive to full-on fuzzed out mayhem. The Swollen Pickle MKII is an updated version of the popular original Swollen Pickle fuzz pedal, now in a more pedalboard-friendly housing.

From Mild to Wild Fuzz Tones

With the Swollen Pickle MKII, you’ve got fuzz flexibility. Dial in that vintage fuzz sound, or crank it up to 11 for heavy, saturated distortion. The “Scoop” knob lets you adjust the mids, while the “Clip” control changes the pedal’s internal gain structure for different clipping sounds. From warm and fuzzy to angry and aggressive, this pedal does it all.

The Volume, Drive, and Crunch knobs give you even more tonal control. Drive adjusts the overall gain, taking you from a hint of dirt to full-on fuzz. Crunch changes the bias voltage for a looser or tighter bottom end. And the Volume knob ensures you can match fuzzed or clean levels.

Updated Controls for More Sonic Options

Way Huge upgraded the controls on the Swollen Pickle MKII for expanded tonal flexibility. It features a 3-way Clip toggle switch to choose Silicon, LED, or no diode clipping. The original Pickle had a 2-way switch, so the MKII’s extra LED clipping mode opens up a wider range of distortion flavors. The Tone knob has also been updated to interact with the pedal’s clipping modes for tailored tone-shaping.

Pedalboard-Ready Design

While the original Swollen Pickle featured an iconic, unique enclosure, the MKII shrinks things down for a more pedalboard-friendly format. It has the same controls as the vintage model, just in a more spacious housing. The Swollen Pickle MKII measures 4.13 x 2.56 x 1.97 inches, significantly smaller than the original’s 7 x 5 x 2.5 inches.

Despite the smaller size, this fuzz pedal still delivers huge sound. The Swollen Pickle MKII uses the same circuitry as the original, for the same enormous fuzz tones. Two internal trim pots let you fine-tune the frequency response as needed. With its updated size and features, the Swollen Pickle MKII gives you more flexibility when designing your ideal pedalboard.

Dial in Your Signature Sound

The Swollen Pickle MKII is perfect for guitarists who want the freedom to craft their own fuzz tones. Its wide gain range and flexible controls allow you to dial in everything from singing vintage fuzz to splatty, fat modern distortion. Add some fuzz flavor to your leads, or completely obliterate your sound – the options are endless.

Whether you play blues, classic rock, metal, or alternative, this pedal has the fuzz sounds you need. The Scoop control is ideal for cutting through a mix, and lets you shape your mids to work with any amp or guitar. Plus the Clip toggle switch lets you match the fuzz character to your playing style. Want tighter crunchy tones? Go for the LED clipping. Need smooth vintage fuzz? Opt for the Silicon setting.

From Eric Johnson to Jimi Hendrix, fuzz pedals have been key for iconic guitar tones over the decades. The Swollen Pickle MKII continues this legacy, with updated features guitarists need today. Add this versatile fuzz box to your pedalboard and explore new sonic territory.

Way Huge Quality and Durability

Like all Way Huge pedals, the Swollen Pickle MKII is built for gigging musicians. It features a rugged metal chassis that stands up to life on the road. The stompswitch is designed to last through years of performances. Every component, from the 1⁄4-inch jacks to the potentiometers, is built to handle heavy use. Way Huge uses only the best parts, including USA-made MAV pots with a smooth, long life taper.

From the bedroom to the big stage, you can trust a Way Huge pedal to perform show after show. The Swollen Pickle MKII comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so you can play this pedal for years. With legendary Way Huge tone and road-ready durability, the Swollen Pickle MKII is a fuzz box built to sound amazing gig after gig.

Unleash Your Inner Fuzz Fiend

Give your tone a kick in the pants with the Way Huge Swollen Pickle MKII. This versatile fuzz machine delivers iconic fuzz sounds, with the updated features guitarists need today. From vintage fuzz warmth to modern high-gain howl, the Swollen Pickle MKII brings legendary fuzz to your pedalboard. Unlock new tones and get ready to rock with Way Huge.


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