Walrus Audio 385 Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal




Get dynamic, responsive overdrive with the Walrus Audio 385 guitar pedal. Inspired by a vintage Belle and Howell 385 film projector, this pedal delivers amp-like tube overdrive in a compact stompbox.

The 385 pedal runs at 18V internally for increased headroom and dynamics that react like a tube amp. Transition smoothly from clean boosts to rich overdrive with responsive controls. Shape your tone with separate bass and treble controls to cut or boost lows and highs.

From subtle grit to saturated distortion, the 385 Overdrive sculpts your tone with smooth, singing sustain. The amp-voiced overdrive brings out harmonics and responds to your picking dynamics for organic tube-amp tone. Dial in mid-scooped rock tones or midrange bumps for soaring leads.

The 385’s amp-style EQ and feel makes it easy to find the perfect overdrive tone. Whether you want a clean boost or heavily overdriven rock tones, this pedal delivers. Fuel your creative tone chasing with the Walrus Audio 385 Overdrive.


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