VID PIX 8bit Animation Video Synth – PCB Panel and ICs for DIY Video Art


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Bring retro 8bit video art to life with the VID PIX 8bit Animation Video Synth. This DIY kit includes the main console PCB panel and 2 key ICs to get you started on your own mesmerizing video synthesizer masterpiece.

The VID PIX harnesses the magic of vintage analog video synths like the Atari Video Music, but with modern upgrades for more seamless audio reactivity and visual effects. Turn on your favorite tunes and watch as the hypnotic pixel patterns dance across the screen. From abstract waves of color to precisely timed animations, the VID PIX lets you finally achieve the ultimate analog video art experience right at home.

Easy to Assemble, Endlessly Mesmerizing Results

This kit contains the centerpiece VID PIX PCB panel, with all SMD components pre-soldered for convenience. Simply source the remaining through-hole components like resistors and capacitors, carefully solder them into place, and you’ll have a working VID PIX synthesizer ready for audio input.

We’ve also included the 2 most vital ICs: the P8X32A-D40 video controller and 24LC256 EEPROM. With these chips handling the heavy lifting, you just need to hook up power, audio, and video outputs to start creating. The VID PIX takes care of turning sound waves into hypnotic onscreen animations, no coding required.

Whether you prefer abstract analog chaos or precisely timed pixel animations, the VID PIX delivers endless mesmerizing visuals that you control. This is a perfect introductory DIY video synth, but with capabilities advanced enough to keep experienced circuit benders engaged.

Vintage Inspired, Modern Upgraded

The VID PIX pays homage to vintage analog video synthesizers like the rare Atari Video Music. But under the hood, it’s been redesigned from the ground up using modern components for improved audio reactivity and effects.

Some of the key upgrades include:

  • P8X32A-D40 video controller – Far more advanced than old-school designs, with 256KB RAM for complex animations.
  • 24LC256 EEPROM – Save your favorite pixel patterns for instant recall later.
  • SMD components – More reliable and compact than through-hole parts.
  • Upgraded audio input circuit – Filters and amplifies sound for tighter visual reactions.
  • Additional control voltage inputs – Modulate the visuals using external synths and MIDI gear.

The end result is a video synthesizer that retains all the analog character that made vintage designs so mesmerizing. But without the reliability and syncing issues that plague 40+ year old hardware. The VID PIX just works – turn on the music and enjoy the show!

Immerse Yourself in Hypnotic Pixel Magic

With the VID PIX, you’ll finally be able to recreate the analog video art experience that used to cost thousands of dollars. Transform your home into a retro techno wonderland, with pixel patterns and animations projected on every wall.

The VID PIX is great for:

  • Music Visualizers – Show reactive visuals at your next DJ gig or house party.
  • Video Installations – Create evolving art pieces for galleries, storefronts, or events.
  • Live Performances – Add a stunning visual component to electronic music sets.
  • Art & Experimentation – Explore the mesmerizing world of analog video synthesis.

With VID PIX, you’ve got infinite room for creativity. Design wildly chaotic reactive animations, precisely timed pixel routines, phase shifted patterns, and more. Save your favorite loops and sequences for live performance. Swap ICs to change the visual style. The possibilities are endless!

Retro video game consoles and demo scene animations prove just how engaging 8bit pixel art can be. With VID PIX, now you can bring that aesthetic into the analog video synth realm. Turn on your favorite music and immerse yourself in hypnotic wells of pixel magic.

What’s Included

This kit contains the essential components for building your own VID PIX Video Synthesizer:

  • VID PIX Console PCB Panel – Fully assembled SMD board.
  • P8X32A-D40 Video Controller IC
  • 24LC256 EEPROM IC

You’ll need to source any additional through-hole components like resistors and capacitors. Check the build guide for the full part list and wiring instructions. No coding or microcontrollers required – just basic soldering skills.

Bring the magic of analog video synthesis home with the VID PIX 8bit Animation Video Synth. Click Add to Cart now to grab the console PCB panel and ICs for your DIY video art project!


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