VICASKY 4-Pack Acoustic Guitar Pickups with Volume and Tone Control for Folk Instruments


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Upgrade your acoustic guitar with the VICASKY 4-pack acoustic guitar pickups. These easy-to-install pickups simply attach to the sound hole for amplifying your folk guitar, without any permanent modifications.

Portable and Powerful Pickup

The VICASKY pickup is equipped with a built-in microphone to capture your guitar’s natural resonant tones. No need to alter your prized instrument – the pickup attaches via a bayonet mount over the sound hole for quick and non-invasive installation.

Take your acoustic pickup anywhere without sacrificing tone. The durable metal construction and convenient volume/tone knobs allow you to directly control and shape your amplified tone on-the-fly. Jam on the patio, performing live on stage, or laying down tracks in the studio. Wherever you play, this pickup provides portable amplification.

Shape Your Sound

Dial in the perfect tone by utilizing the integrated volume and tone control knobs. Turn up the volume for more projection or dial back the treble for a smoother sound. Finding your ideal amplified tone for each song is quick and easy by making adjustments right on the pickup. No more guessing – you have direct control over your live and recorded sound.

Amplify Any Acoustic Instrument

The VICASKY pickup attaches securely over the sound hole of nearly any acoustic instrument thanks to the adjustable bayonet mount. Amplify your favorite acoustic guitar, ukulele, violin, or other folk instruments. The smart clamping design keeps the pickup firmly in place without any tools or permanent installation.

Take your open mic performances to the next level. Finally hear your solid top dreadnought or ukulele fill the room. The VICASKY pickup captures all the nuances of your playing dynamics and projects them through the PA or your acoustic amp. Share your music with more power and clarity.

Premium Construction for Great Tone

The no-compromise build quality ensures these pickups deliver stellar tone gig after gig. The durable metal housing protects the interior microphone and circuitry from drops and abuse. High grade connectors and shielded cables keep handling noise to a minimum so you only hear pure, resonant tone.

Each purchase includes 4 pickups so you can keep an extra in your case or equip all your go-to instruments. The hassle-free application means it only takes a minute to switch between guitars before a show.

Take your acoustic performance to the next level with the VICASKY 4-pack guitar pickups. Hear more of your guitar’s natural tone at higher volumes by amplifying easily without permanent installations.

Why Choose the VICASKY Acoustic Guitar Pickup?

  • Portable acoustic amplification
  • Volume and tone control knobs
  • Adjustable bayonet mounting
  • Amplify acoustic guitar, ukulele, violin, etc
  • Durable metal housing
  • High grade connectors and cables
  • Includes 4 pickups
  • Non-invasive attachment

Key Features:

  • Modified electric guitar pickup design
  • Built-in microphone
  • Volume and tone control knobs
  • Bayonet mount attaches over sound hole
  • Amplify acoustic guitar, ukulele, violin, etc
  • Durable metal construction
  • 4 pickups included
  • Easy non-permanent installation

Take your folk instrument playing to the next level with the VICASKY 4-pack Acoustic Guitar Pickups. Order today to easily amplify your sound!


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