Vic Firth American Classic Value Pack Drum Stick Set – Premium Hickory Wood Drumsticks for Powerful yet Controlled Performance


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Take your drumming to the next level with the Vic Firth American Classic Value Pack. This set includes 4 pairs of Vic Firth’s famous 5B American Classic drumsticks, giving you plenty of sticks for practice, performance, and more.

Crafted from durable American hickory wood and manufactured in the USA, these drumsticks offer unbeatable quality and performance. The medium taper barrel design provides excellent balance, response, and rebound for versatile playing. Whether you’re a rock drummer needing power and projection or a jazz player seeking finesse and sensitivity, the 5B has you covered.

With a wood tip and lacquered finish, you’ll get crisp, bright cymbal tones and a comfortable non-slip grip. The wood tip is precision shaped into Vic Firth’s signature tear drop profile for accurate cymbal work.

Each pair of sticks is weight matched through advanced computer analysis. This ensures each stick has near-identical balance and feel in your hands. No more adjusting to the subtle differences between individual sticks – you get consistent response stick to stick.

At 16 inches long and 0.595 inches in diameter, these 5B sticks have a medium thickness that offers a versatile balance of power and control. The length gives you reach while the diameter provides rebound and impact that can cut through loud bands.

The 5B sticks are fuller in the shoulder and neck than the 5A for extra power, yet still lighter than the 2B for faster playing. Highly popular among rock, metal, and fusion drummers, the 5B is the perfect balance of speed, power, and versatility.

With 4 pairs in this value pack, you’ll always have a fresh set ready for gigs, practice, and everyday playing. The extra pairs ensure you’ve got spares on hand if you accidentally break or chip a stick.

Vic Firth has been crafting sticks in Maine since 1963, setting the standard for top quality drumsticks. Trusted by legendary drummers like Neil Peart, Tommy Lee, and Kenny Aronoff, Vic Firth makes sticks that can keep up with the greatest players in the world.

With the American Classic 5B Value Pack, you get a premium hickory stick set made for outstanding response, sound, and durability. The controlled balance is ideal for rock, jazz, fusion, and more. Step up your playing with the sticks built for champions – order the Vic Firth American Classic Value Pack today.


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