Vater Power 5B Hickory Drumsticks with Acorn Tip – Upgrade Your Drumming


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Every drummer needs a reliable pair of drumsticks that can keep up with their playing style and stand the test of time. That’s why Vater crafted the Power 5B Hickory Drumsticks with Acorn Tip. Built with the perfect blend of response, power, and durability, these drumsticks will become a staple in your stick bag.

Responsive Hickory Design

The Power 5B drumsticks are made from quality hickory wood, known for its lightweight and responsive properties. Hickory has a natural resilience that allows the stick to flex and rebound when you strike the drum head or cymbal. This results in excellent feel and feedback, allowing you to express each subtle nuance in your playing.

The 5B model features a 0.61-inch grip, ideal for drummers with medium to large hands. The grip fits comfortably in your hands while still giving you plenty of leverage and control.

Generate Massive Volume and Power

Don’t let the sleek profile of the Power 5B sticks fool you – these drumsticks can produce some serious volume and projection. The large acorn tip provides excellent rebound off cymbals and drums heads for powerful, articulate strikes.

The long taper running from the neck to the tip allows the stick to flex and store energy. When released, this kinetic energy transfers into the head for thunderous impact. If you want a big powerful sound that cuts through the mix, the Power 5B is an excellent option.

Built to Handle Intense Playing

Vater utilizes only the highest quality wood when crafting the Power 5B sticks. The drumsticks are carefully kiln-dried and turn on a lathe for maximum consistency and durability. This meticulous production results in a stick that can stand up to hours of intense playing night after night.

The large acorn wood tip is securely joined to the neck using Vater’s advanced acrylic collar. This prevents chipping or cracking under repeated strikes. While no stick lasts forever, you can be confident the Power 5B will endure through many high-velocity gigs before needing replacement.

Upgrade Your Sound with Quality Drumsticks

Having the right drumsticks can make a dramatic difference in your playing. Low quality sticks that are improperly balanced or prone to breaking can hold you back from achieving your full potential. The Vater Power 5B addresses these issues to provide a superior playing experience.

The hickory build resonates clearly with excellent response to subtle dynamics in your technique. The large acorn tip projects volume and power. Thoughtful design and manufacturing provides durability you can rely on. If you are looking for high performance drumsticks, the Vater Power 5B is a top choice.

Product Details:

  • Length: 16 1/2 inches
  • Grip Diameter: 0.61 inches
  • Made from Kiln Dried North American Hickory Wood
  • Large Acorn Wood Tip for Projection and Articulation
  • Medium-Large .610″ Grip
  • Vater Quality Control for Consistency and Reliability

Elevate your drumming with the responsive feel and dynamic sound of the Vater Power 5B. Designed for discerning drummers who need a versatile stick built to last through countless gigs and practice sessions.


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