V-Trig to S-Trig Cable – Connect Modern Synths to Vintage Synths


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Do you have a mix of modern and vintage synthesizers in your studio setup? Want to connect your new gear to your classic synths but running into compatibility issues? Introducing the V-Trig to S-Trig converter cable, the simple solution for bridging the gap between your instruments.

With a 1/4 inch male connector on one end and a 2-prong male cinch/jones connector on the other, this 5-foot cable converts the gate signals between voltage triggered (V-Trig) devices like contemporary synthesizers, drum machines and sequencers and switch triggered (S-Trig) vintage instruments. Now you can sync up and control your cherished old synths like the Minimoog, ARP 2600 and Korg MS-20 with your fresh gear without headaches.

Seamless Connectivity Between New and Old

While voltage triggered (V-Trig) has become the standard for gates and triggers in modern synths, many classic instruments like the Sequential Circuits Pro One, OSCar and Roland SH-101 operate on switch triggering (S-Trig). This presents an interface challenge when you want to incorporate your analog classics into a system with new devices.

Rather than having to modify your instruments, source additional converters or struggle with synchronizing, the V-Trig to S-Trig cable provides a plug-and-play solution. The 1/4 inch jack connects to the gate or trigger output of your contemporary gear, converting the signal to a shorting switch connection compatible with your vintage synths.

Now you can sequence and trigger classic oscillators and envelopes from your DAW, hardware sequencer or MIDI controller. Integrate your full synth arsenal into one harmonious production setup with simple cabling.

High Quality Construction for Reliable Performance

Built to last in the studio, the V-Trig to S-Trig converter cable features rugged construction and high grade components. The connectors utilize durable nickel plating to prevent corrosion while the silver-plated OFC copper conductors and braided shielding foster optimized signal transfer.

The cable jacket employs flexible PVC that resists kinks and twisting to support free movement and reduce strain over repeated use. This combination of premium materials and engineering delivers reliable performance whether you’re at home producing tracks or gigging on the stage.

Confidently connect any S-Trig equipped synth like the Korg MS-20, ARP Odyssey or Moog Prodigy to your CV/Gate enabled gear without noise or latency. The efficient conversion helps your instruments respond accurately for organic synchronizing every time.


The V-Trig to S-Trig Converter Cable supports connectivity with:

V-Trig (Voltage Trigger) Devices:

  • Contemporary synthesizers, drum machines and sequencers
  • Eurorack modules and semi-modular synths
  • DAWs and audio interfaces with CV/Gate connections
  • MIDI to CV converters

S-Trig (Switch Trigger) Instruments:

  • Vintage monosynths – Minimoog Model D, ARP Odyssey, Korg MS-20
  • Classic semimodular synths – ARP 2600, EML 101
  • Early drum machines – Roland TR-808, TR-606
  • Synth modules – Roland SH-101, Sequential Circuits Pro One

Take Your Studio to the Next Level

Don’t let incompatible triggering systems limit your creative potential. The V-Trig to S-Trig Cable makes it easy to merge classic analog sounds with modern production. Simply connect the 1/4 inch end to your gate/trigger outs and the cinch end to your vintage instrument.

Sync pulses seamlessly to unlock more sonic possibilities between your gear. Sequence classic oscillators with fresh grooves or add vintage character to contemporary tracks. Exploring vintage synths is inspiring again without complex modifications or workarounds.

Level up your studio connectivity and take your productions further with this essential interfacing solution.


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