Upgraded Acoustic Guitar Pickup – GuitarStick Transducer Brings Your Acoustic to Life


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Take your acoustic guitar sound to the next level with this integrated bridge strip and pickup from GuitarStick. The clever design combines an under-saddle transducer with a removable bridge for amplified acoustic tone with excellent note articulation and dynamic range.

Built-in Transducer Pickup

The heart of this upgrade is the high quality contact transducer pickup integrated right into the removable bridge saddle. Just insert it under your acoustic guitar’s strings to transform its sound through an amp or PA system.

The tight transducer design captures the vibration and resonance of your strings with stunning accuracy. You get robust tone across the entire frequency range, especially rich low end from the bass strings. The hex pickup maximizes sensitivity while reducing feedback.

Whether you need a simple acoustic guitar pickup for gigging or want to add acoustic tone to your pedalboard, the GuitarStick integrated pickup has you covered. Plug in for live shows or recording sessions.

Removable Bridge Strip

The integrated bridge strip makes installing and removing the GuitarStick pickup quick and easy compared to gluing pickups under your permanent bridge. No modifications to your instrument required.

Simply loosen the strings, remove your old saddle, and drop in the GuitarStick. The notched design keeps it firmly in place under the strings. Intonate the strings, plug in, and you’re ready to go.

When amplified tone isn’t needed, take less than a minute to remove the bridge strip and put your old saddle back. Protects your guitar’s value and keeps the pickup safe in storage or your gig bag.

Acoustic Guitar Upgrade

This innovative bridge strip and hex pickup combo is the ultimate acoustic guitar upgrade. The GuitarStick allows you to easily go from full natural acoustic tone to amplified acoustic-electric sounds perfect for gigs and recording.

Keep your guitar’s authentic unplugged sound intact while still being able to plug in with world-class piezo pickup tone. No permanent installation or modifications needed.

Dial in your amplified tone by combining the GuitarStick with pedals like EQ, compression, chorus, delay, and reverb. Works great as an acoustic guitar direct box too.

Fits Most Steel-string Guitars

The GuitarStick bridge strip fits most full-size steel-string acoustic guitars with removable saddles. Easily installed on folk, country, bluegrass, pop, and rock guitars.

Measuring 56mm x 10mm x 7mm, it works with saddle slots up to 11mm wide and 7mm high. Just check your guitar’s saddle slot depth before ordering. An optional extender is available for extra deep slots.

Intonate and adjust height just like your original saddle. Strings rest and resonate on the compensated saddle for authentic acoustic tone until you need to plug in.

Premium Build and Sound

Constructed with a lightweight and durable ABS plastic housing, the GuitarStick pickup will give you years of consistent amplified tone at gigs and practice sessions.

The integrated design looks slick and professional on any acoustic guitar, especially with a neutral black finish. Impress your audience with studio quality acoustic guitar tone at every performance.

Take your acoustic playing to the next level by adding instant stage-ready amplified tone. Get the GuitarStick pickup bridge strip for acoustic guitar today!


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