Upgrade Your Studio with 48 Pack 12″ x 12″ x 1″ Acoustic Foam Panels – Professional Sound Absorption to Reduce Noise and Echo


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Get professional-grade acoustic treatment with these 48 acoustic foam panels designed to absorb unwanted sound in your studio, listening room, home theater, or any space where audio quality matters.

Featuring an Attractive Wedge Design to Enhance Sound Quality and Room Decor

The angled and tapered wedge shape of these acoustic panels not only looks great on your wall, but also effectively catches sound waves and prevents echo and reverberation that can ruin recordings or listening experiences. The 1-inch thickness provides broadband sound absorption in the 500-5000 Hz range, helping to clean up muddy mid to high frequencies.

Made from Safe, Fire-Retardant Foam for Long Lasting Performance

Constructed using environmentally-friendly polyurethane, these acoustic foam tiles are both safe for indoor use and built to last. The fire-retardant foam meets building code standards for flame resistance. The wedge brick style panels can easily be installed on walls or ceilings using the included adhesive strips – no nails or screws required.

Premium Sound Diffusion to Noticeably Improve Your Studio Acoustics

This 12-pack of acoustic wedges covers 24 sq. ft. when installed, enough to treat a decent portion of your room. The wavy angled pattern helps scatter sound in different directions instead of allowing reflections and flutter echoes that ruin your mixes. You’ll notice a cleaner, more balanced sound with greatly reduced reverb when producing audio, podcasts, or videos.

Vibrant Black Color Blends into Any Decor, from Bedroom Studios to Pro Recording Booths

Whether you produce electronic music in your spare bedroom or run a commercial studio space, these charcoal black acoustic foam panels will look great on your wall. The dark color blends into shadowy corners, working discretely to tune your room’s acoustics.


– Total Quantity: 48 acoustic foam panels
– Tile Dimensions: 12″ x 12″ x 1″
– Coverage Area: 24 square feet
– Fire Rating: Meets flammability standards
– Material: Polyurethane foam
– NRC Rating: 0.75
– Mounting: Adhesive strips (included)

With 48 acoustic foam tiles included in one affordable bundle, you can treat sound issues in large or multiple rooms. Get professional grade sound absorption and watch your audio quality improve right away!


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