Upgrade Your Guitar Rig with ERINGOGO’s Premium Amp and Pedal Knobs


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Take your guitar tone to the next level by replacing those old, worn out knobs on your amps and effects pedals. This set of 3 brass knobs from ERINGOGO fits split shaft pots with ease thanks to the inner 5.92mm diameter hole.

Whether you need volume, gain, tone, or effects knobs, these dice-shaped knobs give your rig a professional look and feel. The classic pointer knob design allows for precision adjustments, while the knurled grip feels great under your fingers.

Made from solid brass, each knob has a nice weight in your hand and will stand the test of time. Protect your settings with the set screw to keep knobs securely in place during gigs and studio sessions.

Give your pedalboard a facelift or make those vintage amp knobs shine again. ERINGOGO’s premium brass knobs are a simple upgrade that makes a big difference in look, feel, and tone.


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