Upgrade Your Guitar Pedalboard with These 6 Sets of Premium Pedal Caps and Tools


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Take your guitar pedalboard to the next level with this set of 6 premium pedal caps and handy tools. Designed to protect your pedals and make using your board easier, these accessories are a must-have upgrade for any guitarist’s rig.

Protect Pedals from Scratches and Damage

The set includes 6 pedal caps made from durable metal to shield your pedals from scratches, scuffs, and damage. The tops are covered with rubber inlays to prevent your shoes from ruining your pedals during gigs or practice sessions. No more worrying about dings or wearing down your pedals over time.

Customizable Colors to Match Your Setup

Available in 8 brilliant color options, you can match the caps to your pedalboard, guitar, or favorite colors. Mix and match to create a unique look. The caps fit standard footswitch pedals and simply twist on and off for easy changes.

Tools to Adjust and Maintain Pedals

A hex wrench is included to help adjust the tightness of the caps and make swapping them out a breeze. The wrench also comes in handy for maintenance and adjustments of the pedals themselves. No more struggling with improvised tools!

Stylish Way to Label Pedals

The pedal caps allow you to easily identify your effects at a glance. No more squinting at tiny text or trying to remember based on the pedal position. Swap caps to rearrange or change pedals.

Built for Guitarists by Guitarists

Designed by musicians for musicians. All aspects are optimized for use on stage and in the studio, from the durable metal material to the protective rubber inlays. Takes the headache out of managing a pedalboard setup.

Technical Specifications

– Set includes 6 pedal caps and 1 hex wrench
– Available in 8 color options: red, blue, green, pink, orange, yellow, black, silver
– Pedal caps made from aluminum alloy metal
– Rubber inlay on top for traction and scratch protection
– Caps fit standard footswitch guitar pedals
– Wrench for easy tightening and adjustments
– Pedal caps dimensions: 4.3 x 1.7 inches

Reasons Guitarists Love These Pedal Caps

Protects Investment – Shields expensive pedals from dings, scratches and wear that can impact resale value and performance.

Stylish Customization – Personalize your pedalboard with brilliant colors and labeling. Make it your own.

Enhances Gigs – Identify effects at a glance for quicker transitions. Rubber inlay gives stability.

Accessory Upgrade – Takes a basic pedalboard setup to the next level with premium add-ons.

Perfect Gift – Guitarists love accessories! Great for birthdays, holidays, or just because.

Handy Tools – Hex wrench tightens caps and provides maintenance help for pedals.

Take Your Pedalboard from Basic to Elite

Step up your pedalboard from plain to professional with this set of 6 durable and stylish pedal caps. Protect your prized effects, identify them easily, customize your look, and keep essential tools on hand. It’s a must-have upgrade for guitarists wanting to get the most out of their pedalboard investment.

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