Upgrade Your Drum Recording with the Neewer 7-Piece Wired Dynamic Drum Mic Kit


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Get professional-quality drum recordings at home with the Neewer 7-Piece Wired Dynamic Drum Mic Kit. This complete set contains everything you need to mic up a full drum kit – kick drum, toms, snares, and cymbals. The result? Rich, clear audio capture that brings out the true character of your drums.

Dynamic Mics Designed for Drums

The set includes one large diaphragm dynamic mic perfectly suited for kick drums and other low-frequency instruments. Its extended low frequency response catches all the thump and power. Four small diaphragm dynamic mics handle the toms and snare drums. Their compact size makes positioning easy, while the dynamic design reproduces attack and tone.

Two small diaphragm condenser mics cover the cymbals and other high frequency percussion. Their cardioid pickup pattern isolates the main sound source while minimizing background noise. Together, these specially-designed mics give you professional quality recordings drummers demand.

Clips, Clamps, and More for Easy Setup

Setting up a drum kit for recording can be a hassle, but the Neewer mic kit makes it easy. The set includes all the clamps, clips, and accessories you need. The kick drum mic comes on a sturdy clip that secures to drum rims up to 2 inches thick. The tom and snare mics have holders with rubber isolation mounts to reduce vibration.

Two different drum rim clamps give flexibility for tom mic positioning. Cymbal mics have standard mic clips that fit any microphone stand. Everything fits together neatly in the included aluminum carrying case. Set up and pack down your mics faster, with no loose parts to misplace.

Connect with Pro-Grade XLR Cables

In the world of microphones, XLR connections are the professional standard. The Neewer drum mics continue this tradition with XLR outputs on each mic. This lets you use high-quality balanced XLR cables for noise-free operation over long cable runs.

Connect the mics to any XLR mic input equipped audio interface, mixer, PA system, or amp. Whether you’re recording an album in your home studio or reinforcing your live drum sound, these mics make the connections you need.

A Complete Mic Kit for Percussion and More

While specially designed for drums, the Neewer 7-piece wired mic kit also works great for other acoustic instruments. Use the kick drum mic for miking bass cabs and other low-frequency sounds. The small diaphragm mics are excellent on percussion like shakers, congas, and banjo. Even use the cymbal mics for piano, horns, strings, and vocals.

Expand your live sound reinforcement or recording versatility with this dynamic and condenser mic assortment. The complete drum kit miking package comes at a price that’s music to your ears.

Neewer 7-Piece Dynamic Drum Mic Package Contains:

– 1 x Bass Kick Drum Microphone
– 4 x Small Diaphragm Dynamic Tom / Snare Mics
– 2 x Small Diaphragm Condenser Overhead Mics
– 4 x Drum Rim Clamps
– 2 x Microphone Foam Windscreens
– 7 x Mic Holders with Isolation Mounts
– 1 x Lightweight Aluminum Carrying Case

Take Your Drum Recording to the Next Level

If you’re ready to hear what your drums truly sound like, the Neewer 7-Piece Dynamic Mic Kit has you covered. The specialized drum mics capture every subtlety, from the thick thump of the kick to the shimmering sheen of the cymbals. Clip on the mics in minutes with the included mounts and clamps.

Experience the rich, clear, detailed sound that only professional dynamic and condenser drum mics can deliver. The Neewer mic set gives you everything you need at a price that beats buying piecemeal.

Whether you’re recording an album, dialing in your live sound, or upgrading from low-cost mics, the Neewer 7-piece set won’t disappoint. Hear the difference professional drum mics can make.

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