Unxuey 6-Piece Locking Guitar Tuners – Upgrade Your Guitar’s Sound


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Give your guitar an upgrade with these Unxuey locking guitar tuners. The 6-piece set includes left handed tuners crafted from durable and lightweight alloy and steel components. Installation is a breeze with the included wrench, string winder, and screwdriver.

The sealed design keeps dirt and debris out of the internal components, ensuring smooth and reliable performance over years of playing. Copper gears precisely mesh for superb tuning accuracy and stability. No more fiddling with loose tuners mid-song! The wider 17.5mm handles give you plenty of grip and control over tension adjustments.

Unxuey’s guitar machine heads feature an ingenious locking mechanism. Simply turn the handle to lock the string and prevent it from slipping out of tune. Intonation stays locked in through live performances and recording sessions. The locking function also makes string changes simpler, saving you frustration and time.

Give your acoustic or electric guitar an upgrade with a set of Unxuey’s locking tuners. The high quality components withstand heavy use while giving you the premium tuning performance you need. Order a set today and get ready to take your guitar playing to the next level!


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