Unlock Your Guitar’s Full Potential with the Donner DP-1 Isolated Power Supply




Ever plugged in a few pedals and noticed an annoying hum or buzz? Those pesky noises ruin your guitar’s tone and disrupt your playing.

The Donner DP-1 isolates the power going to each output, eliminating hum and buzz caused by ground loops. This gives you clean, noise-free power to unleash the full potential of your pedals.

With 10 isolated outputs, the DP-1 can power virtually any combination of 9V, 12V, and 18V guitar pedals. Seven of the outputs supply 9V DC at 100mA, perfect for most guitar effects pedals. One outputs 9V at 500mA for hungry digital delays and reverbs. One outputs 12V at 100mA for specialized pedals. And one outputs 18V at 100mA for fuzz pedals that require higher voltage.

10 Isolated Outputs Prevent Noise

Standard “daisy chain” power supplies connect all your pedals together electrically. This allows interference and ground noise to bleed between them.

Isolated outputs break these electrical connections. Each output has its own ground and AC/DC conversion, giving completely clean power. No more buzz, hum, or unnecessary noise.

Powers All Your Pedals

The DP-1’s 10 outputs can power almost any combination of guitar effects pedals:

– 7 x 9V 100mA outputs for standard pedals like overdrive, distortion, chorus, delay, reverb, tremolo, compressor, EQ, boost, tuner, and more.

– 1 x 9V 500mA output for power-hungry pedals like digital delays and reverbs.

– 1 x 12V 100mA output for specialty pedals.

– 1 x 18V 100mA output for vintage fuzz pedals.

The DP-1 includes ten 12″ cables so you can easily power pedals on any size pedalboard. No more bulky wall warts and tangled adapter cables!

Safe Short Circuit Protection

Each isolated output has its own short circuit protection. If something goes wrong with one pedal, the others will continue working normally. No more taking out your whole signal chain due to one faulty cable.

Bright Blue LEDs

Bright blue LEDs indicate each output’s on/off status. Easily check that your pedals are powered up on dark stages.

The LEDs also visually indicate a short circuit, quickly alerting you to faulty cables or pedals.

Rugged and Portable Design

The DP-1’s durable aluminum alloy housing ensures it will stand up to years of use. Rubber feet keep it firmly planted on your pedalboard.

It’s also lightweight and compact. At just 1.65 lbs (750g) and 6.3 x 4.3 x 1.8 inches, the DP-1 conveniently fits on even the most crowded pedalboards. Take it anywhere your musical journey leads.

Get Noise-Free Power for Your Pedalboard

Unlock your guitar’s full potential with the Donner DP-1 Isolated Power Supply. With 10 isolated outputs, it provides clean, noise-free power for all your pedals. Eliminate annoying hum, buzz, and interference caused by ground loops.

Power up your pedalboard with the confidence of safe short circuit protection. Check each output’s status with the bright blue LEDs. And take it anywhere with the rugged yet portable aluminum design.

Tap into the clarity and dynamics of your pedals. Let your guitar sing with the Donner DP-1 Isolated Guitar Pedal Power Supply.


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