TUOREN 4 Pack Pedal Spring Assembly – Durable Bass Drum Foot Pedal Tension Springs


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Keep your bass drum pedal feeling smooth and responsive with this 4 pack of heavy-duty pedal tension springs from TUOREN. The replacement springs install easily on nearly any pedal and provide the right rebound and tension for consistent playability.

The springs are made from stainless steel with a weather-resistant galvanized finish to prevent rust and corrosion. High carbon steel construction gives each spring tightly coiled strength to handle repetitive stomping.

Long-Lasting Pedal Springs

The highly elastic springs stretch easily with your foot motion and snap back instantly. This provides smooth, even resistance on your bass drum beater. The consistent tension helps build muscle memory so your feet can fly across the pedals.

Most stock pedal springs loosen over time and cause a sluggish, inconsistent feel. Replace yours regularly with TUOREN springs to keep action crisp. The durable construction stands up to years of gigs, practice sessions, and recording sessions.

Universal Fit for Pedal Upgrade

The springs measure 2.4 inches long (6cm) with a 1.5mm wire diameter that fits a wide range of single and double pedals. Brands like Pearl, Tama, DW, Yamaha, Mapex and more are compatible when you need a performance upgrade.

Installing the springs is easy – just remove the old spring and hook on the new one. No special tools needed. The included handy hook keeps the spare springs neatly organized in your stick bag.

Dial in the ideal tension by using 1, 2 or 4 springs per pedal. Add springs for more resistance or reduce for a looser feel. Keep extra springs on hand so you can fine tune the rebound and responsiveness of each pedal.

Flawless Construction and Performance

Experience the TUOREN difference with pedal springs that deliver:

  • Tight, consistent coiled tension
  • Smooth rebound motion and feel
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Resists rust, corrosion, and wearing out
  • Easily installs on any brand pedal
  • Includes 4 springs and storage hook

Upgrade your pearl, tama, dw, mapex, yamaha, or other pedals with fresh springs. The TUOREN 4 pack has everything needed to dial in the perfect rebound and response.

Know you’re getting trusted quality with the TUOREN brand. All pedal components are engineered to the highest standards and rigorously tested.

Buy with confidence and keep your pedals feeling crisp, responsive, and like new. Transform the feel of your drum kit starting with the essential TUOREN pedal spring 4 pack today.


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