TUOREN 15″ Drum Timpani Mallet – Rich, Warm Sound for Precise Rhythmic Clarity




Unleash the thunderous roar of your timpani with the Tuoren 15” Drum Timpani Mallet. Designed to produce a rich, warm sound capable of both power and nuance, this professional-grade mallet brings out the best in your drums.

The soft felt head delivers tremendous tonal range. Pound out thundering bass lines or draw out the subtle tones between notes. Articulate crisp rhythms or create crescendos from a delicate whisper to an earth-shaking climax. The possibilities are endless with Tuoren’s finely tuned timpani mallet.

Maple Handle Designed for Control and Endurance

A sturdy maple wood handle provides strength and rigidity while remaining lightweight in your grip. The handle minimizes vibration for excellent control and articulation. Play complex rhythmic passages with ease and accuracy. The smooth sanded handle has a comfortable oval shape that prevents hand fatigue during marathon practice sessions and extended performances.

Versatile for Snare, Timpani, and Marching Percussion

This dynamic mallet is ideal for timpani but also excels on snare drums and marching percussion. Coax deep, resonant tones from tom drums and tenor drums. The Tuoren mallet produces crisp, articulate sounds on snares for intricate rudimental passages.

Use it as a versatile percussion mallet to augment your stick bag. The rich sounds blend beautifully with orchestras, wind ensembles, drumlines, and more.

Portable and Durable

At 15 inches long, the Tuoren mallet is sized for convenience and portability. Easily store it in your stick bag or backpack without taking up too much space. Crafted from quality maple and felt, it’s built to last through years of use.

The head attaches securely to the tapered handle. Though gentle on drums, it stands up to frequent playing sessions and transport without falling apart.


  • Head Material: Soft Felt
  • Head Size: 1.6 x 1.1 inches
  • Handle Material: Maple
  • Handle Size: 15 inches long x 0.53 inches diameter
  • Handle Shape: Oval
  • Total Length: 15 inches
  • Weight: Lightweight

Achieve Optimal Tonal Balance

The supple felt responds immediately for rapid repetitive strikes. When drawn out, it produces warm, resonant tones. The head is firm enough to play fortissimo without distortion, yet soft enough for delicate pianissimo.

Experience seamless dynamics and tonal control ideal for both legato phrasing and detached articulation. This versatile mallet expertly balances power and finesse.

Superior Construction

Tuoren selects only the highest grade materials. The felt head uses durable wool fibers that maintain their integrity over years of playing. A tapered maple handle provides sturdy support without adding excess weight.

Meticulous construction ensures the head bonds securely to the handle. The components won’t come loose from vigorous playing. Thoughtful design and precision manufacturing result in a mallet built to endure.

Complete Your Percussion Kit

Step up your percussion game with a mallet worthy of your timpani setup. The Tuoren 15″ Timpani Mallet enables nuance and dynamics beyond plastic mallets. Harness your drum’s potential for thundering authority and whisper-soft intricacy.

Produce captivating performances with this essential percussion accessory. Let your timpani roar or purr with the Tuoren Drum Timpani Mallet.


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