Transform Your Space with YPY Acoustic Wall Panels – Vibrant Decor that Absorbs Sound


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Find your inner peace with the YPY Acoustic Wall Panels. These sound absorbing panels not only reduce noise, but also add beautiful, colorful accents to your walls. With upgraded UV printing technology, the designs pop with vivid colors and texture for an eye-catching look. More than just pretty pictures, these panels are functional sound dampening tools constructed with high-density materials. The noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of over 0.92 means excellent sound absorption.

Vibrant, Durable Decor

Available in a variety of nature-inspired designs, these acoustic panels will complement any décor. The colors are rich and vibrant thanks to cutting-edge printing technology that ensures accurate color reproduction. While aesthetically pleasing, the images are also printed on durable polyester fabric that is fade and fire resistant. Safe for homes with kids and pets, you can display these panels proudly.

Exceptional Sound Dampening

With a sound absorption coefficient of 0.8, these acoustic panels effectively absorb sound waves and reduce echoes. The high-density polyester material (9.4 lb/ft3 density) optimizes acoustic performance. Place these panels on walls or ceilings to diminish unwanted noises from outside and create a peaceful quiet zone. More panels installed provide greater noise control. For professional studios or home theaters, the sound dampening creates an optimal listening environment.

Easy Peel and Stick Application

Installation takes minutes with the included peel and stick adhesive strips. Just remove the backing and apply the sticky velcro pads to the back of the panel and the wall surface. Then simply press the panel to the wall and adjust as needed. The hook and loop velcro allows you to easily reposition the panels until you find the perfect placement. No tools needed!

Versatile Size for Any Space

Measuring 12 x 16 inches (30 x 40 cm), these acoustic panels are ideal for small to medium-sized spaces. Use them to cover problematic wall or ceiling areas that are prone to producing excessive noise and echoes. Bedrooms, offices, studios, nurseries and more will benefit from these sound absorbers. The compact size makes them easy to arrange in any configuration. Stack panels together to cover larger spaces.

Premium Quality Guarantee

YPY engineered these acoustic wall panels using top-grade materials to deliver both aesthetic appeal and acoustic control. We stand behind the quality and effectiveness of our soundproofing products. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, please contact us immediately and we will make it right. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Bring peace and tranquility into your home or workspace with the YPY Acoustic Wall Panels. Their sound dampening performance transforms noisy environments into pleasant, productive spaces. With the included adhesive strips, getting these panels on your walls is quick and easy.


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