Toyvian Guitar Volume Control Knobs – Smoothly Adjust Your Electric Guitar or Bass Volume


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Upgrade your electric guitar or bass with these high quality volume control knobs from Toyvian. With a sleek metal design and precise volume control, these knobs are the perfect addition to your guitar, bass, or pedalboard.

Smooth and Precise Volume Adjustment

The coarse knurling on the side of these knobs provides a textured grip, making it easy to precisely adjust your instrument’s volume on the fly. No more accidentally bumping your volume or not being able to finely tune the exact loudness you want.

The smooth rotation of the knob allows you to softly roll your volume up or down. Hitting those swelling crescendos and decrescendos mid-solo is effortless with the Toyvian volume knobs. Their specially designed shaft and rotation mechanism prevents unwanted pops and clicks while turning the knob.

Durable Metal Construction

Crafted from solid aluminum alloy, these volume knobs are built to last through years of regular use. Their sturdy metal construction ensures the knob won’t break off or degrade even after thousands of rotations.

The sleek metal finish gives your guitar or pedalboard a professional high-end look. Available in five stylish color options – black, silver, gold, red, and blue. Match your knobs to your guitar’s finish or choose a contrasting color to make them pop.

Universal Electric Guitar and Pedal Compatibility

These 1/4 inch control knobs feature a set screw mounting and fit most electric guitars, basses, guitar pedals, amps, and other effects units.

They can directly replace worn out or broken volume and tone knobs on your guitar or bass. For pedals and amps, simply unscrew your existing knob and fasten the Toyvian knob onto the potentiometer shaft.

The included set screw allows you to securely tighten the knob to the shaft so it stays firmly planted even with heavy use. No more loose knobs or having to glue them in place.

Key Features:

– Set of 2 volume control knobs
– Coarse knurled grip for precise volume adjustment
– Smooth rotation prevents pops and clicks
– Durable aluminum alloy construction
– 1/4 inch knob fits most electric guitars, basses, amps, and pedals
– Includes 2 set screws for secure fastening
– Available in black, silver, gold, red, and blue

Compatible With:

– Electric guitars
– Electric bass guitars
– Guitar amps
– Guitar pedals and effects pedals
– Other instruments, amps, pedals with 1/4 inch shafts

Premium Upgrade Part

Take your guitar playing to the next level by upgrading your instrument’s hardware. Install the Toyvian volume control knobs for a premium feel each time you adjust your volume.

Dial in the perfect volume for everything from soft jazzy chords to wailing rock solos. Add these knobs to your pedalboard and precisely control the volume of your drive, delay, reverb, and modulation effects.

With their quality construction and smooth control, these knobs will stand the test of time. They’ll provide accurate and reliable volume adjustment for many years and hundreds of gigs to come.

Choose from several color options to get the perfect match for your guitar, pedalboard, or amp setup.

Buy With Confidence

We stand behind all Toyvian guitar accessories with a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with these volume control knobs, simply contact us for a full refund or replacement.

We want you to be thrilled with these high-end guitar knobs. Add them to your cart to upgrade your guitar or bass with smooth, comfortable volume control knobs today!


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