Toyvian 5-Pack Guitar Picks – Custom Shaped Plectrums for Electric, Bass, Acoustic, and Ukulele


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Elevate your guitar playing with this 5-pack of custom shaped guitar picks from Toyvian. The set includes uniquely designed picks that provide different textures and feels to suit any genre or playing style.

The stylish shape and beveled edges glide over guitar strings smoothly for fast picking, strumming, plucking and more. Made from durable, yet flexible ABS plastic, these plectrums produce crisp, articulate tones while holding up to regular use.

Unique Shapes Pick the Right Pick

Most pick packs include duplicates of the same basic shape. The Toyvian set provides an assortment of thoughtfully designed shapes to bring unique advantages to your playing.

The round corner triangle pick offers a familiar feel with smoother string passage for fluid strumming and picking. The shark fin shape features a pointed tip for more defined single note articulation while the curved rear glides easily.

The oval pick provides a fuller contact area for warmer, more resonant tones that are great for chordal playing. The wave pick has a rippled edge to grab strings better for articulate rhythms. Finally, the standard triangular pick provides the familiar crisp point for versatile playing.

Superior Control and Grip

These picks feature a lightly textured surface to grab better than slippery smooth picks. The matte finish provides just the right amount of friction for maintaining control even during complex passages.

The beveled smooth edges allow effortless string passage while the textured gripping surface reduces slippage. Made from durable ABS plastic, the picks maintain their shape and texture over hours of playing time.

The medium .71mm thickness is flexible enough for comfortable grip, yet still provides great tone and articulation.

Ideal for Acoustic, Electric and Bass

The variety of pick shapes and thicknesses in this set make it perfect for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, ukulele and more.

The pointed and triangle shapes work well for strumming acoustic guitar rhythms while the oval and wave excel at electric guitar riffs and solos. The triangle and shark fin also articulates bass notes clearly.

The ABS plastic material provides great tonal balance between bright treble and round bass without favoring one over the other. It’s a versatile material for nearly any stringed instrument.

Premium Case for Pick Protection

The picks come packaged in a sleek black gift box with foam insert. The box protects the picks from damage while also making it easy to store or gift them. The included pick holder secures the picks neatly when not in use.

You’ll always know right where to find them thanks to the premium case. It prevents losing picks in gig bags or destroying picks tossed loosely in pockets. The Toyvian case keeps your picks protected, organized and ready to play anytime.

Choose Your Sound and Feel

Explore different tonal flavors and playing feels with the Toyvian custom pick assortment. The set includes:

– 1 oval pick for warmer rhythms and chords
– 1 triangular pick for familiar, versatile playing
– 1 wave pick for textured rhythms and leads
– 1 shark fin for pointed precision
– 1 round triangle for fluid strumming

Take your guitar playing to the next level by choosing the perfect pick for the style and sound you want. Order the Toyvian 5-pack today!


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