Toyvian 1 Set Wooden Guitar Bridge Pickup Stick Set for Acoustic and Folk Guitars


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Elevate your acoustic or folk guitar tone and playability with the Toyvian 1 Set Wooden Guitar Bridge Pickup Stick Set. This complete bridge set provides a replacement saddle, nut, bridge pins and more to improve intonation, resonance and durability.

The quality wood construction adds a rich, warm sound to your acoustic guitar tones. The natural material also increases vibration transfer for excellent string resonance. Plus, the durable wood is built to last through years of regular playing.

This convenient bridge pickup stick set contains every piece you need to upgrade your guitar’s bridge. It includes 2 bridge pins, 1 bridge pin saddle, 1 bridge stick, 1 nut and 1 pickup stick. Read on for details on how each component contributes to better tone and stability.

Set Contains:

  • 2 x Bridge Pins
  • 1 x Bridge Pin Saddle
  • 1 x Bridge Stick
  • 1 x Nut
  • 1 x Pickup Stick

Premium Wood Composition

The use of natural wood delivers a beautifully resonant, organic tone that enhances any acoustic guitar sound. The wood’s low density allows it to vibrate freely to produce full-bodied acoustic tones. This brings out the nuances in both your fingerpicking patterns and strumming.

The unfinished wood grain not only looks great, but also helps grip and hold strings firmly in position. This improves tuning stability and intonation for precise notes up and down the neck.

Overall, the natural wood components add warmth and precision to your acoustic guitar’s voice. Your melodies and chords will ring out with extended sustain and rich harmonics.

Increased String Resonance

The wood material also facilitates excellent resonance and vibration transfer. This allows the bridge to capture string vibrations optimally for that full acoustic sound.

The parts like the bridge saddle and nut make direct contact with your strings. Their responsive wood composition allows vibrations to transfer through the components into the body and top wood for resonant sound.

You’ll notice an improvement in volume, projection and sustain compared to less responsive materials. The wood truly allows your strings’ voices to shine with beautiful harmonics blooming from each strum, pick or pluck.

Enhanced Playability

Besides great tone, the wood bridge components also enhance your guitar’s playability and intonation. The bridge saddle and nut help keep your strings spaced and aligned properly along the fretboard. This allows for clean fretting all along the neck.

The bone nut promotes smooth tuning stability so your strings stay in tune whether playing rhythm chords or solos. The bone transfers vibrations well from nut to headstock.

The quality wood is also smooth on your hands for comfortable long playing sessions. Overall, the wooden bridge set really maximizes the playability of your acoustic or folk guitar.

Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation

One of the great benefits of this bridge pin and saddle set is that it’s designed for easy DIY installation. There’s no need to pay for a professional setup.

Simply remove your old bridge pins and saddle, and slot the new components right into position. You can complete the process in just a few minutes with a screwdriver.

The pieces are designed to universally fit most acoustic and folk guitars. However it’s still a good idea to measure your current bridge first to ensure proper sizing.

With a quick swap of parts, you can start enjoying the tonal improvements right away. Transforming the sound and playability of your guitar is just minutes away.

Built to Last

The premium wood pieces are constructed to withstand years of regular string tension and playing. You won’t have to worry about wear, warping or breakage even after extensive use.

The durable, stable wood and unfinished look also lends a nice vintage aesthetic. It adds a timeless charm to the appearance of your acoustic guitar.

While the wood components are built to last, the bridge pins can periodically be waxed to maintain their smooth turning ability. A little upkeep will keep them rotating freely for quick string changes.

Overall though, this complete bridge upgrade set is constructed from quality materials for exceptional longevity.

Ideal for Acoustic Guitars

This wooden bridge pin and saddle set works perfectly to improve the sound of acoustic guitars. The responsive wood helps acoustic guitars produce their signature rich, resonant voice.

The parts are sized right to fit most full-size and 3/4 size steel-string acoustics. Just check your guitar’s current bridge width and string spacing first.

The bridge pickup stick is also great for acoustic guitars with pickups, such as those with internal piezo pickups. The wood allows the bridge to transfer vibrations optimally to the pickup for natural amplified acoustic tones.

Great for Folk Guitars Too

Besides standard acoustics, this bridge replacement set is also ideal for folk guitar models. The slimmer profile and spacing is made to fit most folk guitar bridges.

Again, double check that your folk guitar bridge measurements match up with the parts in this set for proper compatibility and fit.

The wood components really enhance the warm, intimate tones of folk guitars. The materials bring out the nuances in folk fingerpicking playing styles.

Transform Your Acoustic Guitar’s Sound Today!

Don’t settle for dull, muted acoustic guitar tones from a low-quality bridge. Transform your guitar’s sound with the Toyvian bridge pin and saddle upgrade set today!


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