TOYANDONA 8 Pack Guitar Effect Pedal Knobs


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Upgrade your guitar pedals and amplifiers with this pack of 8 high quality knobs from TOYANDONA. Designed specifically for replacing knobs on guitar effects pedals, amplifiers, and other audio equipment, these knobs will give your gear a professional customized look.

Premium Materials for Long Lasting Durability

Each knob in this 8 pack is constructed from durable aluminum alloy that provides a stylish metallic finish that will hold up to years of use. The knobs feature a set screw for securely attaching to 6mm diameter effect pedal potentiometer shafts. The sleek and compact design allows for a versatile look that will work great on all types of foot pedals and amplifiers.

Customizable Style for Your Tone Tools

Put your own creative stamp on your pedalboard with these knobs. Available in 8 different colors including black, silver, gold, red, blue, green, purple, and white, you can mix and match to create customized pedals that match your personality and playing style. Whether you want a clean unified look or funky mismatched style, these quality knobs give you tons of options.

Easy Installation for Upgraded Appearance

Installing these knobs is a breeze thanks to the convenient set screw design. Simply remove your old knob, loosen the set screw, press the new knob into place on the potentiometer shaft, and tighten the set screw to hold everything securely in position. In just seconds you can upgrade the look of your effects pedals without any hassle.

Designed for Guitarists and Bass Players

No matter what type of guitarist you are – rock, metal, blues, jazz, country, indie etc. – these great looking knobs will complete the look of your pedalboard or rack setup. They also work perfectly for customizing bass guitar effects as well. Any player who wants cool knobs to make their gear stand out needs this 8 pack from TOYANDONA.

Premium Add-On Accessory for Pedalbuilders

For guitarists who build their own effects pedals, this set provides a quality knob option to top off your homemade creations. Use them on your own fuzz pedals, delays, reverbs, overdrives, and more. They enable DIY pedalbuilders to add professional finishing touches.


  • Quantity: 8 Knobs Per Pack
  • Materials: Aluminum Alloy
  • Knob Diameter: 1.1 inches
  • Shaft Diameter: 6mm
  • Dimensions: 1.1″ x 1.1″ x 1.5″

With its durable construction, stylish and compact design, and total customizability, this 8 pack of effect pedal knobs from TOYANDONA is a must-have accessory for any guitarist wanting to upgrade their gear. The easy installation takes your tone tools from stock to standout in just seconds.

Customize Your Sound

Take your effects pedals and amp rig to the next level by replacing those boring stock knobs. To really make your guitar gear your own, you need knobs that reflect your personal style. This 8-pack makes it easy to customize your sound.

Match Your Gear

Are you an Ibanez player with a signature Jem guitar? Grab the fluorescent green knobs for perfectly matched style. Is your pedalboard loaded up with Boss and Electro-Harmonix classics? Go with the traditional black knobs for a cohesive look. With 8 colors you can coordinate with all the major gear brands.

Mix and Match Colors

The most creative guitarists mismatch knob colors to come up with unique color combinations. With this pack you can alternate colors in wild patterns. Go for a psychedelic look by mixing colors at random. Only your imagination limits how fun and crazy you can get!

Create Uniform or Chaotic Styles

For guitarists after a clean unified pedalboard, use all silver or all black knobs. For those who embrace pedalboard chaos, mismatch colors for a fashionably disjointed look. Either way, these knobs let you express your organizational preferences.

Non-Slip Gripped Sides

The knobs feature textured sides that make adjusting settings easy, even in live performance situations. No more accidental slips when you need to tweak tone mid-song. The grip adds just enough tactile texture for solid adjustment control.

Add Professional Finishing Touch

DIY pedalbuilders can take their homemade stompboxes to the next level by topping off their creation with these great looking knobs. They are perfect for fuzzes, delays, reverbs, overdrives and more. Show off your skills with pro-level fit and finish.

Ready For Duty

Built to last from durable aluminum alloy, these knobs are ready for the rigors of touring and regular gigging. They add stylish flair to your pedals and amps while standing up to being stomped night after night. Upgrade the look without sacrificing ruggedness.

Whether you want to customize factory pedals or add style to homemade effects, this TOYANDONA 8 pack provides the perfect knobs for creating your signature tone machine. Instrumentalists of all types can find the right knobs to take their gear to the next level.


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