Totority 24 Pack Chicken Head Knobs for Guitar Amps and Pedals – White/Black/Red


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Customize and Control Your Tone with These Versatile 3-Color Chicken Head Knobs

Serious tonehounds know that having the right knobs on your amps and pedals is crucial for dialing in your signature sound. These 24 chicken head knobs from Totority allow you to customize your rig in vintage style while giving you the grip and control you need.

3 Classic Colors to Match Any Rig

This pack includes 8 knobs in each of 3 iconic colors – white, black, and red. Now you can color code your gain staging, assign different knobs for various effects parameters, or just choose the perfect shade to suit your style. They look great on vintage and modern amps alike.

Textured for Positive Grip

These knobs feature a textured, grooved surface to give you a solid grip when adjusting your settings. The grooves allow your fingers to really dig in so you can tweak your tone with precision and confidence, even in high gain situations.

Built for Years of Use

Durably constructed from ABS plastic, these chicken heads are made to handle regular gigging and transport. The set screw keeps them firmly attached to the pot shaft so they won’t slip out of adjustment. You can trust them to hold up during intense stage action.

Easy Installation

Mounting the knobs takes just seconds – no tools required. Just remove your existing knobs, slide on the Totority chicken head, and tighten down the set screw with your fingers. The 6mm shaft fits most guitar amps and effects pedals with either split or concentric shafts.

Customize Your Sound

Amp knobs don’t just look cool, they actually improve your playing experience by allowing you to finely shape your tone. Having knobs you love encourages you to experiment more to create your signature sound. Dial in the crunch on your overdrive, add some slapback echo, or adjust reverb depth – the possibilities are endless.

Vintage Styling, Modern Functionality

While the design is retro, the performance is all modern. The grooved grip and precise adjustment opens up new possibilities for sound shaping. They complement both vintage and contemporary rigs. Forget boring plain knobs – these chicken heads add some Analog-Heart to your digital gear.

Key Features:

  • Set of 24 chicken head knobs
  • 8 white, 8 black, 8 red
  • Textured grip for easy adjusting
  • Durable ABS plastic construction
  • 6mm shaft fits most amps and pedals
  • No tools needed for installation
  • Classic vintage style

Take Your Rig from Ordinary to Extraordinary

It’s amazing the difference a set of cool knobs can make in the look and feel of your gear. These textured chicken heads give your amps and pedals a rugged, customized vibe while providing precise control over your tone settings.

Built to Handle Real-World Abuse

Gigging musicians can’t afford weak links in their signal chain. These knobs are constructed from rugged ABS plastic and securely mount to pot shafts via a solid set screw. They’re made to withstand years of regular use. The classic styling never goes out of fashion.

customize Your Sound and Style

Whether you need to replace worn out knobs or just want to customize your sound, you can count on these chicken heads to take your rig to the next level. With multiple colors to mix and match, they’re ideal for guitarists who like to tweak their tone settings and change up their looks.

Dial In Your Ultimate Tone

It’s time to give your guitar effects and amp the customized look and enhanced feel they deserve. With textured grip, smooth adjustment, and battle-tested durability, these chicken head knobs check all the boxes.

Get ready to create your signature sound with confidence and authority. Click Add to Cart now to trick out your rig with these great-looking, great-feeling knobs!


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