tisino Dual XLR to 3.5mm Stereo Mic Cable – Professional Dual Channel Audio Connection for Cameras and Recorders


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The tisino Dual XLR to 3.5mm stereo microphone cable provides a vital link between professional microphones and consumer audio devices. With this adapter cable, you can connect high-quality XLR mics to cameras, mobile recorders, laptops, and other gear with a 3.5mm mic input.

The 10 foot cable splits into two standard 3-pin female XLR connectors for plugging in two independent mics – perfect for recording interviews, vocal duets, and stereo instrument setups. The 3.5mm stereo plug carries both channels into a single mini-jack, maintaining the left/right separation.

Connect Pro Microphones to Consumer Devices

While most professional microphones use a balanced XLR output, many compact cameras, mobile recorders, and laptops only offer an unbalanced 3.5mm mic input. This robust adapter cable bridges the divide, enabling pristine audio quality from pro-grade mics.

Musicians can utilize their vocal and instrument mics with mobile field recorders. Videographers and content creators can use their finest shotgun, lavalier, and headset mics with DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Voice actors can connect their favorite large diaphragm condenser mic to a laptop for home studio recording.

Maintains Left/Right Stereo Separation

The 3.5mm plug carries the left and right XLR channels over a single stereo mini-jack, keeping them isolated for proper stereo recording. The XLR connectors are color coded black and red for easy identification.

Use the cable for miking vocal duets, drum overheads, piano stereo pairs, and other instruments that demand stereo imaging. You can even create a simple ambient mic setup for concerts and events.

Rugged Build Quality

From the plugs to the cabling, this adapter cable is built to last. The XLR connectors utilize a rugged metal shell with enough strain relief to prevent failure even with continual bending. Oxygen-free copper conductors and polyethylene insulation provide noise-free signal transfer.

The durable rubber jacket protects the cable internally and looks great externally. Gold-plated contacts resist corrosion and improve conductivity for minimal signal loss. Pick up this Y-cable when you need a pro-quality solution built for the rigors of field use.

Key Features:

  • Dual XLR female to 3.5mm stereo male cable
  • Connect 2 mics to DSLR cameras, mobile recorders, laptops
  • Maintains left/right stereo separation
  • XLR connectors color coded black and red
  • Rugged metal XLR housing with strain relief
  • OFC conductors and polyethylene insulation
  • Gold-plated contacts for minimal signal loss
  • Durable rubber jacket and strain relief
  • 10 foot length for flexibility

Unlock Your Microphones’ Potential

Don’t let incompatible connections prevent you from utilizing your cherished XLR microphones. With the tisino Dual XLR to 3.5mm adapter, your favorite mics can interface with compact cameras, mobile recorders, laptops, and newer tech.

Two independent channels allow gorgeous stereo recording opportunities. The rugged metal/rubber construction ensures glitch-free operation even in challenging environments. Start pushing your microphones to the next level today.


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