Thomastik-Infeld Vision VI03.14 Violin D String – Precise Intonation and Warm, Complex Tones


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Experience the renowned Thomastik-Infeld quality with the Vision VI03.14 violin D string. Built in Austria with a silver-wound steel/synthetic core, this medium gauge string offers excellent pitch stability, warm overtones and a balanced, focused sound.

Silver-Wound Steel Wrapping Over Synthetic Core

At the heart of the VI03.14 violin D string is a innovative multi-filament synthetic core, chosen for its dynamic and tonal balance. This high-tech core is then wrapped in a precision drawn silver-wound steel wrap wire. The steel winding provides beautiful warmth while the silver plating prevents corrosion. Together, the synthetic core and silver steel wrap offer outstanding pitch accuracy, stability and tone.

Medium 54kg Tension Optimizes Playability

With a medium gauge and tension of 54kg, the VI03.14 violin D string provides an ideal balance of playability, clarity and volume. The tension is carefully calibrated to prevent wolf tones and facilitate accurate fingering across the fingerboard. Animated and focused when played forcefully, the VI03.14 also delivers a sweet, singing tone at softer dynamics.

Handmade in Austria for Quality Control

All Thomastik-Infeld strings are crafted by experienced string makers in the company’s Vienna, Austria factory. This allows for careful quality control and inspection during every step of the string making process. You can be confident each VI03.14 violin string meets Thomastik-Infeld’s rigorous standards before being approved for sale.

Set Your Instrument Up for Precise Intonation

Intonation accuracy is essential for professional-level performance. The VI03.14 violin D string is designed to help you achieve reliable, consistent intonation up and down the fingerboard. The string’s clarity also makes it easier to tune by ear and detect subtle inaccuracies. Get your instrument singing in tune.

Hear the Complex Harmonics and Nuanced Overtones

Beyond precision, Thomastik-Infeld strings are revered for their tonal complexity inspired by great old Italian strings. The VI03.14 brings out the rich, emotive voice of your violin. Listen for the warm, symphonic overtones emerging from each note to add depth and character to your sound.

Performance Violin String Built to Last

The VI03.14 is constructed to meet the demands of daily practice and performance. The multi-filament core provides durability and consistent tone life after life. Meanwhile, the steel wrap wire maintains its integrity over time. You can count on the superior, stable tonality of the VI03.14 to complement your violin for months to come.

Complete Your Set with Companion Vision Strings

For a full matched Vision violin set, pair the VI03.14 D string with the VI03.21 A string, VI03.11 G string and VI03.22 C string. Balanced tension between strings ensures excellent playability across the entire set. With a complete set, take advantage of Thomastik-Infeld’s legendary tonality.

Fit for Modern and Baroque Violins

The dynamic voice of the VI03.14 makes it an exceptional choice for both modern and period baroque violin setups. It has the power and projection for modern instruments while offering the nuance for baroque fiddles. Discover beautiful tone from your violin, old or new.

Thomastik-Infeld Quality and Support

The VI03.14 violin D string delivers the outstanding quality that has made Thomastik-Infeld a leader in strings for over 100 years. Each string comes with a 1-year guarantee against defects. For guidance selecting the ideal string set, take advantage of Thomastik-Infeld’s expert customer support.

Bring out the singing, lyrical voice of your violin with the Thomastik-Infeld Vision VI03.14 medium violin D string. Experience remarkable tuning stability, tonal complexity and comfortable playability. Let the VI03.14 help you produce inspiring performances.


– String Instrument: Violin
– String Type: D
– Size: 1/4
– Gauge: Medium
– Tension: 54kg
– Material: Multi-filament synthetic core with precision drawn silver-wound steel wrap
– Ball End
– Made in Austria
– 1-Year Thomastik-Infeld Guarantee

Quality Strings for Violins, Violas, Cellos, Basses and More

For nearly a century, Thomastik-Infeld has crafted the world’s finest strings for orchestral instruments. Discover violin, viola, cello, bass and more strings purpose-built to unlock the unique voices of instruments, from classical to contemporary music. Let Thomastik-Infeld help you create beautiful music.


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