The Gong Shop 26″ Chinese Wind Gong – Handcrafted Authentic Bronze Gong for Meditation, Ceremony, and Decoration


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Discover the transformative power of gong sound with this expertly handcrafted 26″ wind gong. Hand selected by The Gong Shop for optimal quality and tone, this authentic Chinese gong creates a mesmerizing swell of shimmering overtones perfect for meditation, sound healing, and personal ceremony. The intricate bronze surface also makes a beautiful decorative accent for home or office. Let the otherworldly voice of this gong wash over you and open new doors of peaceful consciousness.

Handcrafted Using Ancient Chinese Methods

This gong originates from China, where skilled artisans use time-honored techniques to handcraft each instrument. The gong features a flat, circular shape with a turned under rim, cast using a bronze alloy of 80% copper and 20% tin. This creates an instrument with optimal resonance and pleasing visual aesthetics reminiscent of traditional Chinese gongs. The Gong Shop hand selects each gong they source to ensure it meets their high standards for quality and tone.

Shimmering, Complex Tones

While simple in appearance, this gong produces an incredibly complex swell of musical overtones when played. Known as a Chinese wind gong for its gentle breath-like wash of sound, each gong vibrates with its own unique voice. Use a padded mallet to elicit a soft, shimmering tone from the gong. The sound blooms and decays slowly, ideal for meditation. A drumstick produces a more focused, bell-like tone.

Ideal for Meditation and Healing

With its subtly shifting overtones, this gong’s voice facilitates deeper meditation, perfect for retreats, yoga studios, or personal spiritual practice. The gong’s singing resonance brings the mind into present focus naturally. Many also find the vibrations have healing properties, promoting relaxation and releasing stuck energy. Explore your own inner landscape with the help of this transportive gong.

Decorate Your Home or Office

Display this gong as a decorative accent in any room. The polished bronze surface with engraved Chinese characters will lend an exotic, cultured look. Hang it near a window to catch the light. Or mount it on a stand to become a beautiful focal point. Let the gong lend its zen vibe to your space. When not on display, store it safely in the included fitted case.


  • Dimensions: 26″ diameter x 3″ depth
  • Weight: Approximately 18 lbs
  • Material: B20 bronze alloy – 80% copper, 20% tin
  • Handcrafted in China using traditional methods
  • complex, shimmering tones
  • Includes padded mallet and hanging string
  • Convenient fitted vinyl case for storage and transport

Discover Your Own Gong Journey

The voice of this masterfully handcrafted bronze gong will continue to reveal itself more deeply to you over time if you simply listen. Let it wash your cares away, open your heart, and transport you to a peaceful new headspace. There’s a whole spectrum of harmonic color to explore.

We’re Confident You’ll Love Your Wind Gong

That’s why we back it with our 60-day satisfaction guarantee. We want your gong experience to be a joyful, transformative journey. Contact us with any questions or for guidance on use and care. The endless voice of this ancient Chinese gong awaits you.


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