Technical Pro 61 Key Electric Piano Learning Keyboard Bundle – Everything You Need to Start Playing Piano


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Unlock your inner musical talent with the Technical Pro 61 key electric piano learning keyboard bundle. This all-in-one kit contains a full-size 61 key electric keyboard, adjustable stand, stool, headphones, and microphone – providing everything you need to start learning and playing piano right out of the box.

Full Size 61 Key Keyboard with LCD Display

The Technical Pro keyboard features 61 full-size keys, giving you the same feel and spacing as an acoustic piano. The velocity-sensitive keys respond dynamically to your playing strength, allowing you to express emotion and dynamics through your performance. An easy-to-read LCD display lets you view settings, playback songs, and more.

With 250 built-in tones and rhythms, you can explore sounds like grand piano, strings, organ, drums, and more. 50 demo songs are included to help beginners learn favorite melodies quickly. The record and playback function lets you record yourself playing and listen back to track your progress.

3 Learning Modes for All Skill Levels

The Technical Pro keyboard has 3 learning modes specially designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players:

Beginner Mode: Great for starting out, this mode reduces the number of keys to focus on essential melodies and chords. The full keyboard can be intimidating at first, so beginner mode eases you into playing.

Intermediate Mode: When you’re ready to expand your skills, intermediate mode unlocks the full keyboard to practice more advanced songs and techniques.

Professional Mode: Once you’ve mastered the basics, professional mode gives you access to all functions and lets you explore your creativity.

With this 3-step learning system, the Technical Pro keyboard seamlessly adapts to your developing skills.

Adjustable Stand, Stool & Headphones for Comfortable Playing

The complete keyboard bundle includes accessories for comfortable, convenient practice anytime.

The height-adjustable keyboard stand securely holds your keyboard at the ideal playing position. Set it to the perfect level whether you play sitting or standing.

The padded stool with adjustable height allows you to sit comfortably at the keyboard for extended practice sessions without fatigue.

Stereo headphones let you or students practice quietly without disturbing others. Just plug them into the headphone jack on the keyboard.

Wired Microphone to Unleash Your Inner Performer

A karaoke-style microphone is included to add a vocal element to your playing. Connect it to the microphone input and sing along as you play piano. Adjust the mic volume and add effects like reverb, echo and more.

Use the mic to record songs complete with your own vocals. The recording function captures your keyboard playing and singing together.

With the mic, you can put on impromptu performances for family and friends. It’s great for aspiring singers/musicians!

Built-in Speakers & Connectivity for Versatile Use

Builtin stereo speakers produce rich, vibrant sound right from the keyboard – fill a room with your music!

Use the USB port to connect to a computer and use the keyboard as a MIDI input. Download software to produce tracks, apply effects, and more.

The AUX input allows you to connect a smartphone, MP3 player, or other device to play audio through the keyboard’s speakers. Have a jam session along to your favorite songs!

Headphone and mic jacks let you plug in headphones or a microphone for quiet practice or karaoke-style fun.

Everything You Need to Start Playing Piano

Learning piano is hugely rewarding, but getting started can seem daunting. Many beginners aren’t sure what equipment they need, or want to avoid buying accessories separately.

That’s why the Technical Pro 61 key electric piano keyboard bundle is so great. It provides the full-size keyboard, stand, stool, headphones, and mic right in one convenient package. Just open the box and you’re ready to start playing!

Whether you’re buying for yourself, a student, child, or friend, this bundle has everything needed for a beginner pianist. The 3 learning modes ensure it will adapt for any skill level. And the portable design makes it easy to move around and enjoy playing anywhere.

Unlock your natural musical abilities with the Technical Pro 61 key electric piano keyboard bundle today!


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