Tech 21 YYZ Geddy Lee Shape-Shifter Signature SansAmp Pedal – Analog Tube Amp Tones and Touch-Sensitive Response


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Geddy Lee’s signature overdrive pedal by Tech 21 brings the legendary tone of his amp rigs to your pedalboard. The YYZ delivers a dynamic range of distortion flavors and responsive tube amp interaction. Sculpt your sound with the Shape switch, Boost stomp, and 3-band EQ.

Shape Your Tones Like Geddy

The YYZ recreates Geddy’s signature overdrive tones from classic Rush albums like Moving Pictures and Signals. Toggle between two different voicings with the Shape switch. The Deep setting has a bold low end and warm vintage character. Flip to Drive for a distortion that’s tighter and more aggressive. Blend both voices together to dial in your own custom overdrive tone.

Stomp in a 12dB Boost

Need more cut and bite for a searing solo? Hit the Boost footswitch for a volume kick. This adds 12dB of presence and push to your signal, putting your guitar out front. It’s great for punching through the mix during climactic moments on stage. The Boost works with both the Deep and Drive settings.

SansAmp Analog Magic

While the YYZ nails Geddy’s signature sound, it’s built on Tech 21’s SansAmp technology. This means it responds and distorts just like a real tube amp. Pick dynamics translate directly into the overdrive, cleaning up as you pull back. And you get natural-sounding amp compression when hitting the strings hard. It’s an organic, touch-sensitive playing experience.

Sculpt Your Sound with 3-Band EQ

A powerful 3-band active EQ gives you tone-shaping control with bass, midrange, and treble knobs. Boost lows for a thicker rhythm tone or cut mids to tighten up the distortion. The EQ interacts with the SansAmp circuitry just like the tone stack in an amplifier. You can radically alter the voicing of the overdrive.

Versatile Performance Pedal

The YYZ works great with guitars, basses, and synths. It’s ideal for everything from rock and metal to funk. Bassists can dial in a growly overdrive or keep it clean for a studio-quality DI tone. The mix knob blends your dry instrument signal with the SansAmp distortion. Go from a hint of breakup to full-on saturation.

Notes from Geddy Lee

“I remember my amp being pushed past its comfort zone; gritty midrange grind, stronger lows, and natural compression. The ShapeShifter captures all of this with impressive authenticity.” – Geddy Lee

“The Deep voicing captures the flavor of my early ODs, while Drive sounds more like my JCM800. And I really dig the Mid EQ – it’s like having a Variac to tweak the intensity.”

Built for Gigs and Recording

The YYZ works great both on stage and in the studio. It’s built into a compact, metal stompbox designed to survive years of gigs. Runs on a 9V battery or optional power supply. For recording, just plug straight into your audio interface for authentic amp tone without mics or DI boxes. Works as a tone-enhancing preamp for re-amping too.

Get Your Signature Geddy Overdrive

Bring home the legendary Rush tones with the Tech 21 YYZ Geddy Lee Signature SansAmp. Dial in tube amp-style crunch and singing sustain. Get Geddy’s touch dynamics and playing feel. And sculpt your sound with EQ and Boost options. Order the YYZ today!


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