Tatoonly Steel Tongue Drum – Soothing 6 Note Hand Percussion with Carry Bag, Mallets & Guide for Meditation, Yoga, Relaxation


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Experience the soothing, meditative sounds of the Tatoonly Steel Tongue Drum. This handcrafted 6-note percussion instrument produces celestial, resonating tones to calm the mind and relax the body. The included mallets, carrying bag and instructional materials make it easy to start playing transcendent melodies anywhere.

Handcrafted Steel Design

The Tatoonly tongue drum is skillfully handcrafted from premium carbon steel alloy. The 3-inch round drum head features 6 gently curved steel ‘tongues’ or notes around the top.

When struck with a mallet or fingers, the tongues vibrate to create ethereal, resonating tones. The hollow body amplifies these magical sounds.

With its compact size and lightweight steel construction, the Tatoonly drum is convenient to play anywhere inspiration strikes.

Create Soothing, Meditative Music

This inventive percussion instrument evokes relaxation and inner calm. The reverberating tones seem to wash away stress and negativity. Players often describe reaching a meditative state as they repeat hypnotic patterns.

The included beginner’s booklet provides guidance on playing tranquil melodies, from simple scales to song arrangements. Learn to improvise your own soothing compositions.

The moderate volume blends nicely with quiet surroundings like nature, spiritual ceremonies, dinner parties, nurseries or self-care rituals. The relaxing qualities make it perfect for music therapy, meditation and yoga.

Designed for Beginners

Even if you’ve never played percussion before, the Tatoonly tongue drum is easy to learn. The 6 notes are labeled with letters, making it simple to follow sheet music.

The drum sits comfortably in your lap or on a table. Just use the included mallets or tap gently with fingers to produce notes. You’ll be making music in no time!

The instructional book provides diagrams of proper hand placement and techniques. Learn the basics then experiment with rhythms at your own pace.

Premium Complete Set

The Tatoonly Steel Tongue Drum includes everything you need to start playing heavenly tunes:

– 1 high quality steel tongue drum with 6 notes
– 2 rubber-tipped drum mallets
– 1 mallet holder that attaches to the drum
– 1 printed beginner instruction book
– 1 durable nylon carrying case with shoulder strap
– 2 note stickers for easy reference
– 6 finger pads to play with hands
– 1 set of extra note labels

The convenient case keeps your drum protected for travel or storage. Carry this compact percussion set anywhere inspiration strikes!

Find Your Inner Peace

In our busy, stressful world, finding time for self-care and zen is so important. That’s why the Tatoonly Steel Tongue Drum is the perfect instrument for modern life.

The soothing, harmonious tones quiet the mind and feed the soul. Even playing for a few minutes can induce a state of relaxation.

As you repeat melodic patterns, focus only on the present moment. Feel tension dissolve as your mind empties of cluttering thoughts.

Create a beautiful soundtrack to enhance yoga, meditation, prayer or personal rituals. The celestial chimes transport you to a calmer headspace.

Add this truly unique percussion instrument to your home or wellness practice. The Tatoonly Steel Tongue Drum lets anyone tap into relaxing, restorative vibrations.

Order Today and Find Your Inner Peace

Don’t spend another day stressed and anxious. Tap into the meditative qualities of the Tatoonly Steel Tongue Drum. With its premium build, included accessories and instructional materials, unlocking its soothing potential is easy.

Order now and enjoy this handcrafted percussion instrument that calms mind, body and soul.


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