Synthrotek Erica Synths Swamp Random CV & Audio Generator Eurorack Module PCB + Panel


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Unlock new dimensions of modulation and sound generation with the Synthrotek Erica Synths Swamp Random CV & Audio Generator. Inspired by the renowned Wiard Wogglebug module, the Swamp module provides 3 channels of random voltage controlled madness to inject glorious chaos into your modular synthesizer system.

3 Random Voltage Controlled Oscillators

At the heart of the Swamp are 3 separate voltage controlled oscillators with random output. Each VCO generates signals at audio rate frequencies, outputting everything from burbles, blurps, and bloops to harsh squelches and piercing screeches. With the twist of a knob you can sweep the VCOs across their full frequency range, from tremolo warbles up to ear piercing screams. Feed these VCO outputs into VCFs, VCAs, wavefolders, or effects modules to radically transform their timbre and texture. From thick, animated basslines to shimmering pads, ring modulated leads to percussive trigs, the Swamp’s VCOs open up vast new dimensions of modulated sound.

External Signal Input with Ring Modulation

In addition to its internal VCOs, the Swamp includes an external input that lets you ring modulate external audio sources. Feed in drum loops, vocals, environmental recordings, or any other sound source to ring modulate it with the Swamp’s chaotic oscillations. This adds a whole new level of modulation, harmonic animation, and texture to external sounds, greatly expanding the creative potential of the module.

3 Channels of Random CV Output

The Swamp includes 3 separate random CV output channels, each with its own knob for adjusting the modulation range. Patch these into VCO frequencies, filter cutoffs, VCA levels, or any other CV input to introduce complex, organic modulation and movement. The amount of modulation can be swept from subtle wavering to fierce, sample-and-hold style jolts. From slowly evolving pads to arpeggios dancing through all 12 keys, the Swamp’s CV outs bring controlled randomness that’s both musically usable and endlessly inspiring.

Clock Sync In/Out

While the Swamp creates gloriously chaotic signals, it can also sync to your modular system’s tempo and timing. Simply patch the clock output from your sequencer or trigger source into the Swamp’s clock input, and its random modulations will sync and reset to your system’s clock divisions. The Swamp also features a clock output, allowing you to daisy chain multiple Swamp units or other clockable modules from a single clock source.

Eurorack Standard

The Synthrotek Erica Synths Swamp module is designed for Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. It requires 40mA of +12V power and 25mA of -12V, fitting perfectly into any standard Eurorack case or skiff with room to spare. The PCBs come with power regulation, leaving just the fun part of assembling and installing the panel. Start patching in minutes and unlock new worlds of modulated madness!

For bold new colors of sound, creative composition tools, and organic modulation magic, look no further than the Synthrotek Erica Synths Swamp Random CV & Audio Generator Eurorack Module. Let the Swamp’s swirling randomness seep gloriously into your modular system today!


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