SUPVOX Wood Tongue Drum Stand – Securely Display Your Hand Pan




Elevate your hand pan drum and keep it safe with the SUPVOX Wood Tongue Drum Stand. This high-quality drum stand provides a stable and secure display solution for your melodic hand pan instrument.

Crafted from natural wood, the SUPVOX drum stand has an attractive appearance that complements any hand pan drum. The stand consists of two parts – a bracket that attaches directly to your drum, and a tall display stand. Together, they safely suspend your hand pan above the floor.

Sturdy Wood Construction

The entire drum stand is constructed from strong wood that can hold over 20 lbs without flexing or bending. Both the bracket and display stand feature a dark walnut stain that highlights the wood grain for a natural look.

Metal bolts and wingnuts allow you to securely fasten the bracket onto your drum. Foam padding protects the drum’s surface while keeping it stationary. Your hand pan will stay put on the stand without sliding or shaking.

Convenient Drum Mounting

Installing your hand pan onto the stand takes just a few minutes. The drum bracket has adjustable arms that tighten onto the sides of most hand pan drums, spanning from 14 to 18 inches in diameter. Foam inserts prevent marring or scratches during installation.

With the drum mounted, simply slide the stand’s vertical pole into the bracket. Use the wingnut to tighten it for a wobble-free display. The stand’s wide circular base keeps the entire unit stationary.

Ideal Display Height

The SUPVOX stand raises your hand pan 22 inches off the ground, allowing you to play it at a comfortable height. This also creates an eye-catching display when not in use.

The elevated positioning keeps your hand pan drum safely away from dirt or damp surfaces that could otherwise damage its notes. It’s a great way to show off your drum’s unique look in your home, studio or stage.

Key Features

  • Crafted from solid wood with dark walnut finish
  • Holds over 20 lbs without flexing
  • Foam-lined bracket fits 14″ to 18″ hand pans
  • Display stand holds drum 22 inches high
  • Wide base for stability
  • Allows easy playing access
  • Keeps drum clean and protected

Ideal for Any Hand Pan Owner

The SUPVOX tongue drum stand is a must-have accessory for hand pan owners. The secure mounting bracket keeps your drum safely in place to prevent shifting or slipping.

Musicians can position their hand pan at the perfect height for playing. The stand adds stability while amplifying the drum’s resonance. It allows you to get the most out of your hand pan’s unique sound.

Even when not playing your drum, the stand keeps it elevated off the floor for protection. Display your hand pan like a work of art and keep it safe from damage in one elegant solution.


  • Stand Dimensions: 22″ high x 11″ diameter base
  • Bracket Span: Adjusts from 14″ to 18″ wide
  • Weight Capacity: Holds over 20 lbs
  • Construction: Solid wood with walnut finish
  • Padding: Foam inserts protect drum surface
  • Hardware: Steel bolts and wingnut for adjusting

Order With Confidence

SUPVOX stands behind the quality of our drum stand with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’ll provide a full refund or replacement if you’re not completely happy with this drum mounting system.

Give your hand pan drum the display stand it deserves. Get the SUPVOX tongue drum stand today to keep your instrument safe while making it a beautiful addition to any room. It’s a sound investment for hand pan players that’s built to last.


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