Sturgis Midwest 42 String Celtic Irish Lever Harp – Elegant White Finish with Accessories


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Experience the magic of Celtic music with the Sturgis Midwest 42 String Lever Harp. This beautifully crafted harp evokes the spirit of ancient Ireland with its elegant white finish and intricate Celtic knotwork designs. Perfect for the aspiring or experienced harpist, it produces a rich, resonant sound that brings traditional Irish melodies to life.

An Heirloom Quality Instrument

Handcrafted from solid mahogany wood, this harp is built to last for generations. The sleek column and sweeping arc of the neck are sanded and polished to a smooth, satiny feel. Brilliant white stains the wood, emphasizing the graceful curves and delicate details. Intricate Celtic knots adorn the column and neck, tying the harp aesthetically to its cultural heritage. Whether placed in a home, studio or concert hall, this harp makes a striking visual statement.

42 Strings for a Broad Range

With 42 strings, this harp offers an extended 4-octave range (C2 to C6). The nylon strings produce clear, resonant tones perfect for Celtic airs, folk melodies, classical pieces and more. The set includes 36 standard strings plus 6 extra bass strings for enhanced low-end performance. Strings are color coded by octave for easy reference while playing.

Lever Harp Mechanism for Expressive Playing

Unlike pedal harps, the Sturgis Midwest lever harp allows you to quickly change pitches mid-song using the lever above each string. Side levers make it easy to retune strings as needed. This gives you greater musical versatility, letting you play accidentals, key changes, grace notes and more to infuse songs with passion and expression. The responsive levers are ideal for Celtic vibrato techniques.

Complete Package for Beginning and Advanced Harpists

Along with the harp, you’ll receive accessories for keeping it in top condition and improving your playing skills:

  • Tuning key – Tune strings quickly and accurately
  • Extra string set – Replace broken or worn strings
  • Foam padded bag – Transport and protect the harp
  • Harp tuning wrench & screws – Adjust string tension

The harp comes fully assembled so you can start making music right out of the box. An instruction booklet will guide you through tuning, string replacement and basic playing techniques.


  • Number of strings: 42
  • String Material: Nylon
  • Range: C2 to C6
  • Wood: Solid Mahogany
  • Finish: White stain
  • Levers: Side levers for retuning
  • Accessories: Tuning key, extra strings, padded bag
  • Dimensions: 70″ height, 29″ width, 12″ depth
  • Weight: 24 lbs

Experience the entrancing voice of the Celtic harp. Order the Sturgis Midwest 42 String Lever Harp today and open up a world of magical melodies.


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