Stick Gripps Drumstick Grips – Adjustable Anti Slip Drum Stick Wraps for Reduced Fatigue and Better Control


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Tired of drumsticks slipping from your hands? Struggling with hand fatigue and soreness after long practice sessions? Stick Gripps offer the perfect solution.

Customizable Grip for Total Control

Stick Gripps feature a patented adjustable ring design that provides a customized, non-slip fit for your specific drumsticks and grip style. Simply slide the rings over the tip of your sticks to the desired fulcrum position, then heat the included grip sleeves to shrink them onto the rings for a perfect personalized hold.

The result is maximum control and minimized slippage. The grips absorb shock and vibration, reducing hand fatigue so you can play longer with consistency.

Superior Comfort and Feel

Stick Gripps give you a better feel than bulky drummer gloves, while eliminating slippage and providing comfort. The thin, flexible material doesn’t dampen rebound or the natural sound of your sticks.

The raised texture allows excellent grip without inhibiting your dexterity. Your hands stay cool and sweat-free, even during intense drumming. The ergonomic rings position your fulcrum correctly for efficient, relaxed technique.

Durable, Reliable Grips

Unlike cloth tape, Stick Gripps won’t unravel or shed adhesive residue on your sticks and hands. The heat shrink material forms a permanent grip that won’t shift around or come loose.

Stick Gripps withstand the pounding of hardcore drumming. The grips hold strong after countless gigs, practice sessions, and drum stick twirls.

Universal Fit

Stick Gripps work with all standard drum stick models and sizes. They easily stretch to accommodate everything from skinny jazz sticks to fat marching sticks.

One package contains 4 grips for two pairs of drumsticks. Mix and match to personalize grips for your main and backup stick pairs.

Easy Application

Applying Stick Gripps takes just minutes:

1. Slide the rings over your drumstick tips to the desired fulcrum position.

2. Slip the grip sleeves over the rings and sticks.

3. Heat the sleeves with boiling water or a heat gun to shrink the grips into place.

The result is a comfortable, non-slip grip custom molded to your sticks. Reapply a new set periodically as grips wear out.

Ideal for All Skill Levels

Stick Gripps benefit drummers of all ages and skill levels. Beginning drummers will appreciate the reduced slippage as they learn proper technique. Intermediate and advanced drummers will love the added control and endurance.

Marching percussionists and drumline members will enjoy the reliable hold during dynamic routines. With Stick Gripps, dropping sticks becomes a thing of the past.

Get premium customized grip and comfort with Stick Gripps Drumstick Grips!


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