Steel Core Folk Guitar Strings, 6-Piece Set


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Keep the tunes flowing with this quality 6-piece set of steel core folk guitar strings. Crafted with stainless steel wrapped cores, these strings offer bright, rich tones and reliable intonation for acoustic guitars.

Built to Last

The stainless steel construction gives these strings exceptional durability. They’re designed to retain their tone and resist corrosion far longer than cheaper nickel-plated strings. Whether you play for hours every day or just enjoy casual weekend jam sessions, these strings will stay in tune and sound great for months on end.

Easy Installation

Upgrading your acoustic guitar’s strings is a snap with this 6-piece matched set. The precisely gauged cores and wound strings make for a simple installation without any special tools required. Detailed size markings eliminate guesswork about which string goes where. In just minutes, you can have these long-lasting steel strings installed and ready to play.

Well-Balanced Tone

From the lowest thump of the wound 6th E string to the bright jangle of the 1st plain steel E, these strings deliver a balanced tone perfect for folk music. The stainless steel material and tight precision winding gives each string a strong voice within the set. Expect great intonation up and down the neck that makes chord changes ring true.


– Set includes 6 strings total: 1st E, 2nd B, 3rd G, 4th D, 5th A, 6th E
– Steel core with stainless steel winding
– 1st string: 0.012 inches
– 2nd string: 0.016 inches
– 3rd string: 0.024 inches wound
– 4th string: 0.032 inches wound
– 5th string: 0.042 inches wound
– 6th string: 0.053 inches wound

The Bright Tones You Want

Acoustic guitars demand strings that can keep up with aggressive strumming and pick work. These stainless steel strings retain the crisp, textured tone you want from your acoustic folk guitar. Even during extended practice sessions, they continue projecting with clarity and volume.

Play with Confidence

The precisely engineered cores and winding give these strings remarkable consistency. You can count on the 6th string sounding exactly like the 6th string in other sets – no variance from set to set. That makes it easy to transition between new sets of these stainless steel acoustic guitar strings while retaining the familiar feel.

Built for Acoustic Guitars

While electric guitar strings utilize nickel or cobalt alloy wrapping, these stainless steel folk strings are designed specifically for acoustic guitars. The material helps project and retain the bright tones expected from a quality acoustic guitar. Whether your instrument has a solid wood top or laminate construction, these strings optimize its natural sound.

Looks Great Too

The silvery sheen of these stainless steel strings will complement the aesthetic of any acoustic guitar. Unlike coated polymer acoustic strings, these retain their like-new shine even after hours of playing time. Keep your guitar looking as good as it sounds with this set.

For the Long Haul

Stock up on multiple sets of these quality stainless steel acoustic folk guitar strings. The durable construction will keep your guitar sounding its best for gig after gig. Never be let down by dead, dull strings right before a big performance again.

Reduce String Breakage

The precisely wound steel delivers remarkable tensile strength you can feel with every strum. While cheaper strings may break unexpectedly, these stainless steel folk guitar strings hold up to aggressive picking styles. Fewer unexpected breakages mean more uninterrupted practice time.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re confident these stainless steel acoustic guitar strings will exceed expectations for quality, tone, and longevity. That’s why your purchase is backed by a money-back satisfaction guarantee. Enjoy responsive, bright tone from your acoustic folk guitar or return them for a full refund.

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