Start Your Musical Journey with this Portable 61 Key Digital Piano


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Immerse yourself in the world of music and unlock your inner pianist with this versatile 61 key digital keyboard. Perfect for students and beginners, it’s loaded with features to make learning and practicing piano easy, fun, and inspiring.

Lightweight, Compact Design

Weighing just 5.5 pounds, this digital piano keyboard is lightweight enough to take anywhere. The streamlined, stylish profile takes up minimal space, so you can play at home, in the studio, or on the go. The compact design makes storage and portability a breeze.

61 Full-Size Velocity Sensitive Keys

The 61 touch sensitive, velocity keys recreate the feel of playing acoustic piano keys. The weighted action helps build finger dexterity and strength. Keys are tuned and tested for responsiveness across the piano range. Practice confidently knowing the keys match the feel of professional acoustic pianos.

Educational Features

Learning modes, lesson functions, and built-in demo songs allow you to master notes, chords, and songs step-by-step. The LCD display lets you track progress with notation, fingering, and tempo. Connect to your computer via USB to access tutorial programs. Everything you need to go from beginner to maestro is included!

128 Instrument Voices

Expand your musical creativity with 128 high quality instrument tones including piano, organ, strings, synth, and more. 100 built-in demo songs showcase the possibilities. Use the record function to compose your own music. Become an experienced musician by exploring different genres and techniques.

Portable and Convenient

Take this digital piano anywhere you want to practice, perform, or play for fun. Its lightweight build and battery power option (batteries not included) allow on-the-go musicianship. The included stand provides stable support and the right playing angle whether sitting or standing.

Connectivity Options

In addition to the USB port for computer connectivity, this digital piano has standard headphone and sustain pedal jacks for quiet practice and enhanced techniques. Use the AUX input to play along with music from a phone, tablet, or audio player.


– 61 full-size, touch sensitive keys
– Weighs just 5.5 lbs for portability
– Keyboard stand and music rest included
– 128 instrument voices and 100 demo songs
– Battery or AC power (batteries not included)
– USB, headphone, sustain, and AUX jacks
– Learning modes and lesson functions
– LCD display shows notation and fingering

An All-in-One Solution for Beginners

This 61 key digital piano keyboard combines everything a starting pianist needs. The full-size weighted keys, educational features, and connectivity options empower musicians to gain skills quickly. And the portable, lightweight design allows practice anywhere inspiration strikes.

Why Customers Love This Digital Piano

Portable and Lightweight – Just 5.5 lbs makes traveling with and storing this keyboard easy. Play on the go!

Full-Size Weighted Keys – 61 touch sensitive keys with acoustic piano feel build dexterity.

Educational Features – Learning modes, lessons, andnotation display accelerate mastery.

128 High Quality Voices – Piano, organ, strings, synth – explore different instruments.

Demo Songs and Recording – 100 built-in songs and record function foster creativity.

Connectivity – USB, AUX, pedal, and headphone jacks allow varied practice.

Stand and Music Rest Included – Start playing right out of the box!

Battery Power Option – Take this piano anywhere with 6 x 1.5V DC batteries.

Let the Music Within You Shine

Don’t just dream of playing piano – make it happen today with this versatile digital piano from a trusted brand. It’s the ideal instrument for beginners to start their musical journey. Order now and develop new piano skills in no time!


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