Sound Town TRITON-TX1202 12-Channel Professional Audio Mixer with Dual 7-band EQ, USB/MP3/Bluetooth Connectivity, and 99 DSP Effects


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Elevate your audio mixing capabilities with the Sound Town TRITON-TX1202 12-channel professional mixer. Packed with pro-grade features like dual 7-band EQs, USB/MP3/Bluetooth connectivity, 99 DSP effects, and more, this versatile mixing console provides exceptional sound quality and control for live performances, recording studios, churches, and mobile DJ setups.

Dual 7-Band Equalization

The TRITON-TX1202 features independent 7-band EQs on each of its 12 mono channels, giving you precision tone-shaping across the frequency spectrum. Boost or cut bass, midrange, and treble frequencies up to 15dB to optimize the EQ profile for microphones, instruments, playback devices, and more. Having individual EQs on every channel preventsyou from degrading signals that don’t need adjustment.

Flexible Connectivity

In addition to 12 combination XLR-1/4″ inputs, the TRITON-TX1202 provides 2 stereo 1/4″ TRS line inputs as well as 1/4″ AUX inputs for expanding your connectivity. Easily interface with turntables, synthesizers, drum machines, and other line-level gear. Built-in USB, MP3, and Bluetooth functionality also allows you to connect smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more to stream audio or playback tracks directly through the mixing console.

Phantom Power for Condenser Mics

The onboard +48V phantom power supply lets you use professional condenser microphones that require phantom power, giving you more flexibility with your choice of microphones. Engage phantom power independently across the 12 combo input channels as needed.

99 DSP Effects

Incorporate 99 digital effect presets into your mixes using the built-in 99-bit digital signal processor (DSP). Effects include reverbs, delays, choruses, flangers, pitch shifters, and more. The program control knob provides one-click selection of various effects while the parameter knob dials in the perfect intensity.

Subgroup Mixing Functionality

Group channels together via the TRITON-TX1202’s subgroup capabilities. This allows you to control the volume, EQs, and effects of multiple inputs simultaneously, streamlining your workflow when mixing multiple instruments or mics. For example, group all drum mics to a single fader for on-the-fly drum mix adjustments.

Rugged and Roadworthy

With its rugged metal construction, protective corner pieces, and reinforced knobs and switches, the TRITON-TX1202 provides exceptional durability for taking on the road. Its high-quality components deliver reliable performance, night after night. Weighing only 13.6 pounds, the mixer is easy to transport and set up.

Key Features:

  • 12-channel mixer with mono combo XLR-1/4″ inputs
  • Dual 7-band EQs for precision tone shaping
  • 2 stereo 1/4″ TRS line inputs
  • 1/4″ AUX inputs for expansion capability
  • USB, MP3, and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Independent +48V phantom power per channel
  • 99 DSP effects (reverb, delay, chorus, etc.)
  • Subgroup mixing functionality
  • Rugged metal construction for durability
  • Only 13.6 pounds for easy transport


  • Live stage performances
  • Band rehearsals
  • House of worship services
  • Mobile DJ events
  • Recording studio productions
  • Keyboard and multi-instrument rigs
  • Karaoke mixing

Bring professional-grade mixing capabilities wherever you go with the Sound Town TRITON-TX1202 12-channel mixer. Its versatile connectivity, dual 7-band EQs, phantom power, and built-in effects give you the tools you need to craft polished, dynamic sound. Rugged metal construction provides tour-ready durability. Pick up the TRITON-TX1202 mixer today to elevate your performances, recordings, and audio mixes!


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