Soothing Solid Wood Water Drum with Dolphin Cutout Design – Create Relaxing Nature Sounds for Meditation, Music Therapy, and Mindfulness


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Immerse yourself in peaceful relaxation with the beautiful sounds of this handcrafted solid wood water drum. Designed with a dolphin cutout and an intricate internal maze, this special percussion instrument creates soothing, flowing water noises perfect for meditation, music therapy, yoga, or creative musical expression.

Gently rotate the drum or shake it up and down to produce calming trickling and splashing sounds similar to a babbling brook or small waterfall. The solid wood construction provides a rich, resonant tone quality, while the internal maze design softens and modulates the sound. Adjusting the speed and angle alters the pitch and volume, allowing you to intuitively craft your own relaxing soundscape.

Handmade by skilled artisans, each drum features a unique dolphin-shaped cutout, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship. The durable, non-toxic wood and food-grade pigments are safe for adults and children alike. Cork backing further dampens the resonance for a softer, more muted tone.

Whether creating a serene atmosphere for mindfulness practices, exploring creative rhythms and musical textures, or helping soothe and engage children or patients with special needs, this versatile drum opens up new possibilities for wellness and creative expression. Its compact size and quiet nature also make it suitable for an apartment, classroom, or workplace.

Relax and refresh your spirit with the tranquil tones of nature. Order this beautifully handcrafted solid wood water drum today!


– Handcrafted from natural, solid wood with non-toxic finishes

– Intricate internal maze softens and modulates the sound

– Dolphin cutout showcases artistic craftsmanship

– Cork backing provides muted, resonant tone

– Adjust speed and angle to alter pitch and volume

– Create peaceful trickling, splashing water sounds

– Compact size suitable for home, classroom, or office

– Safe, durable construction for children and adults

– Explore creative rhythms and musical textures

– Sets a serene mood for mindfulness, meditation, yoga

– Calming sensory stimulation for special needs therapy

– Made by artisans using eco-friendly materials


– Promotes relaxation and inner tranquility

– Inspires mindful presence and creative expression

– Engages senses with soothing nature sounds

– Provides rhythmic instrument for music therapy

– Adjustable pitch and volume for versatile use

– Lovely decoration with handcrafted details

– Quality materials built to last for years

– Fun and engaging open-ended musical toy

– Fits meditation spaces, classrooms, work offices

– Safe and durable even for small children

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Bring mindfulness, creativity, and the gentle sounds of water into your life. Get your dolphin water drum today!


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