SONOR Negative Tuning Key for Drums


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Premium Drum Key with Comfort-Grip Design for Precision Tuning

Tune your drums with precision using the SONOR Negative Tuning Key. Featuring a negative grip handle and durable construction, this high-quality key allows drummers to easily tension drums for optimal tone and resonance.

Ergonomic Negative Handle

The square-shaped negative handle is angled downward when loosening drum lugs. This makes it more comfortable and natural to grip compared to standard T-handle keys. The negative handle design also provides increased leverage for loosening stiff tension rods or hoops. The tip end has a 4mm socket size to fit most drum lugs and tension rods.

Robust Zinc Alloy Construction

Built to last, this tuning key is crafted from durable zinc alloy metal with a sleek black finish. The solid one-piece cold-formed steel provides strength without flexing during tuning. Precisely machined for consistently smooth operation, the tuning key allows fine increments of pitch adjustments.

Comfortable, Non-Slip Grip

The ergonomic rubber grip molds to your fingers for comfort during extended tuning sessions. The grip is designed to remain secure in your hand, even during enthusiastic playing when palms get sweaty. The grip’s unique friction pattern provides a soft feel without twisting in your hand.

Heavy-Duty for Hardware & Hoops

While optimized for drum lugs, the SONOR tuning key has sufficient leverage for loosening seized tension rods or tightening heavy-duty drum hardware and hoops. The socket head is deep enough to clear most drum lug casings for easy tuning access. An essential toolkit item for drum maintenance and repairs.

Precise Tuning for Any Drum

Ideal for precise snare, tom, bass drum or cymbal stand tuning. Allows easy quarter-turn pitch adjustments for dialing in tones. Use it to tune-up new drum heads or make mid-performance tweaks. Keep one in your stick bag to quickly retune drums after moving kits.


  • Ergonomic negative grip handle
  • Durable zinc alloy metal construction
  • Comfortable non-slip rubber grip
  • 4mm socket for most drum lugs
  • Precise tuning increments
  • Deep socket clears lug casings
  • Leverage for hardware and hoops
  • Portable design easily fits in stick bags

SONOR Quality

Handmade in Germany, SONOR hardware is renowned for its quality craftsmanship and durability. The tuning key is backed by SONOR’s commitment to outstanding performance, reliability and service.

The SONOR Brand

Based in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, SONOR has crafted premium drums and hardware since 1875. Known for its innovative designs and consistent quality, SONOR’s attention to detail produces some of the most playable, great sounding drums available. Championed by famous drummers like Jojo Mayer, SONOR sets the standard for modern working drummers.

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Step up your drum tuning game with the SONOR Negative Tuning Key! Designed to help drummers easily achieve precise, quality drum tones for improved sound and response.


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