Silverline Y Cable Drum Splitters for Roland V-Drums – Balanced Volume for Dual Zone Pads


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Get enhanced functionality from your Roland V-Drums with these Silverline Y splitter cables, specially designed for dual zone trigger pads. The custom 100 ohm resistor balances the signal levels evenly across zones, something regular splitter cables can’t do. Enjoy proper dynamics between your pad’s two zones without frustrating volume or triggering issues.

Balance Signals to Dual Zone Pads

Many of today’s advanced e-drum pads feature two zones – the head and the rim. Getting an unbalanced signal between those zones can cause major problems. The rim may be way louder or quieter than the head zone, or crosstalk can occur. These Y splitters have a built-in resistor to optimize the signal output specifically for dual zone pads. You’ll get even sensitivity and dynamics between the two zones, avoiding volume and false triggering frustrations.

Compatible with Roland V-Drums Modules

I’ve used these Silverline splitters with my TD-17 module and they work flawlessly. The 1/4″ plug connects to your module’s trigger input. The two balanced outputs go to each zone of your compatible dual zone pad. Whether you’re using stock Roland pads or upgrading to premium alternatives, these splitters integrate seamlessly. Enjoy hassle-free setup with your TD-4, TD-11, TD-17, TD-25 or other Roland module.

Optimized Length for Comfortable Setup

With a 7.5 foot cable, these Y splitters give you plenty of length for a tidy setup. The cables can comfortably reach floor toms and other peripherally mounted pads. Shorter cables can pull racks awkwardly off center or get strained. The black cables are subtle too, blending right into your e-kit. Cable management with your V-Drums is easier thanks to the optimized length and flexibility.

Enhanced Signal Transfer

Oxygen-free copper wiring ensures clear, uncolored signal transfer between your pads and module. Quality shielding blocks interference for noiseless triggering. The right-angle TS plugs connect securely to pad rims/zones while resisting damage from friction. Enjoy accurate, nuanced playing response from your pads thanks to reliable signal transfer through the splitters.

Reliable Hardware

The splitter junction is tightly constructed from durable molded plastic with no wiggle or play. The strain relief on all connectors prevents cable damage during setup. Gold-plated plug tips provide corrosion resistance for optimal signal flow. These pro-quality Y cables are built to last through years of drumming, far outlasting cheap splitters.

Get the most from your V-Drums with these dual zone splitter cables. Experience seamless dynamics between your pad’s zones, avoiding triggering and crosstalk frustrations. The custom resistor balances signals perfectly for natural response. Compatible with all Roland modules, they integrate easily into your e-kit. For reliable performance and enhanced playability, upgrade your kit with Silverline Y splitters!


  • Built-in 100 ohm resistor balances signal for dual zone pads
  • Evens volume and sensitivity between rim and head zones
  • Eliminates crosstalk and false triggering
  • 1/4″ TRS plug connects to V-Drum module
  • Two 1/4″ TS outputs for pad zones
  • 7.5′ cable length allows flexible positioning
  • Compatible with Roland TD-4, TD-11, TD-17, etc
  • OFC copper wiring for clear audio signal
  • Plug tips gold-plated for corrosion resistance
  • Durable plastic molding on splitter junction

Compatible Roland V-Drum Pads Include:

  • PDX-100 (dual zone snare)
  • CY-12C/CY-13R (dual zone cymbals)
  • FD-9 (dual zone kick trigger)
  • VH-11 (dual zone hi-hat)
  • Most aftermarket dual zone pads

Get pro-quality sound, responsiveness, and dynamics from your Roland V-Drum kit with these specialized Y cables. The custom resistor creates perfect balance between your pad’s two zones. Avoid volume inconsistency, crosstalk, and mis-triggering – get natural response from your pads. Order the Silverline splitters now to optimize your e-kit!


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