Silverline Stereo TRS Male to Dual Mono TS Female Y Drum Trigger Cable for Alesis V-Drums




Custom designed with a 100 ohm resistor to properly balance the signal sent to dual zone triggers. Regular Y cables won’t balance the volume levels correctly and may not work at all with some modules. Made specifically for Alesis V-Drums kits that allow zone sound re-assignment.

Split a stereo drum trigger signal into two separate mono signals to enable playing two different sounds from a single dual zone pad. Connect this Y cable from your V-Drums module to two separate inputs.

Balanced Signal Levels
The built-in 100 ohm resistor evenly splits the signal strength to each zonetrigger input for proper volume from both zones. Prevents one zone from sounding louder than the other.

Enhanced Signal Clarity
Oxygen-free copper conductors and foiled shielding reduce noise and crosstalk for clear trigger signals. Gold plated connectors provide corrosion resistance for optimal signal transfer.

Plug and Play Convenience
TRS to twin TS design seamlessly splits one stereo 1/4″ male plug into two mono 1/4″ female jacks. Compatible with all trigger inputs. High quality construction for long life and reliable performance.

Experience the full potential of your V-Drums with zone control. This Y splitter cable enhances creativity and expression by doubling the sound options from dual zone pads. Unleash more of the sonic power built into your Alesis electronic drum kit.


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