Shure PGA57 Professional Quality Dynamic Instrument Microphone with Cardioid Pickup and Accessories




Capture Studio-Quality Instrument Audio with the Shure PGA57

When recording or amplifying your instrument, audio quality matters. Get professional sound right at the source with the Shure PGA57 dynamic microphone. Specially designed to provide accurate tone and clarity for guitars, drums, brass, and more, this high-quality mic delivers the nuanced reproduction instrumentalists need.

The PGA57 combines a tailored cartridge, cardioid pattern, and robust construction to isolate and transmit only the richest sounds. Shure’s decades of industry expertise results in an affordable mic engineered to withstand live performances while excelling in the studio.

Clear, Detailed Reproduction for a Myriad of Instruments

The dynamic microphone cartridge inside the PGA57 is optimized to provide an accurate representation across the frequency spectrum. Carefully contoured frequency response captures the true tonal character of any instrument.

Crisp, articulate highs. Full-bodied mids. Tight, defined lows. From the metallic ring of cymbals to the punchy boom of bass drums, every subtle tone shines through. Even at high SPLs, the PGA57 maintains its poise.

Works great on:

– Acoustic and electric guitars
– Brass instruments
– Drums and percussion
– Saxophones and woodwinds
– Amplifiers and speaker cabinets
– Piano and string instruments
– Live vocals

Cardioid Pickup Rejects Unwanted Noise

The cardioid polar pattern focuses on sound originating directly in front of the microphone, minimizing ambient noise. Off-axis sources like stage monitors, crowd chatter, and HVAC systems get rejected.

Unwanted feedback is also suppressed, making the PGA57 an excellent choice for miking guitar and bass amplifiers. And with maximum rejection at 180°, you can position monitors directly behind the mic without muddying the mix.

Road-ready Design Built to Handle the Stage

While delivering top-level sound, the PGA57 is also engineered for the rigors of real-world use. The rugged metal construction and steel mesh grill can take accidental bumps and drops while cutting down on handling noise.

Even enduring years of transportation and rowdy gigs, the precisely tuned capsule inside stays shock-mounted and sound. The non-slip mic stand adapter keeps the PGA57 fixed securely in position throughout your most energetic sets.

Plug and Play Convenience

Setting up the Shure PGA57 is fast and convenient. Two model options are available:

1) Microphone with a 15-foot XLR-XLR cable pre-attached for instant plug-and-play connectivity.

2) Microphone alone without a cable, for purchasing separately or using your own preferred length.

The included zipper pouch provides safe, compact transport and storage between uses. For even more configuration flexibility, a threading point allows the PGA57 to attach to various mounting accessories.

Hear Your Instrument as it Was Meant to Sound

Don’t settle for muffled, indistinct tone plagued by feedback and added noise. The Shure PGA57 dynamic microphone lets the true voice of your instrument shine. Hear more growl from guitars, more punch from drums, more warmth from brass, and more growl from amps.

Trusted by professional musicians across genres, the PGA57 delivers incredible quality and durability even amateur hobbyists can appreciate. Pick up one today and find out why Shure remains the first name in instrument microphones.

Key Features:

– Tailored cartridge captures accurate tone
– Cardioid pattern rejects off-axis noise
– Rugged all-metal build withstands on-stage use
– XLR connector for use with standard cables
– Stand adapter included for mounting


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