Shure P10R-G10 Ultra-Thin Instrument Microphone System with Advanced RF Filtering


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Capture your live instrument performances with stunning clarity using the Shure P10R-G10 ultra-thin condenser microphone system. Weighing just 3.2 ounces, the P10R diversity bodypack transmitter features an ultra-compact design that allows for discreet microphone placement on guitars, violins, brass instruments, and more. Advanced RF filtering technology ensures reliable, interference-free operation on even the most crowded stages.

Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Discreet Bodypack Design

The Shure P10R condenser microphone system is designed for easy, unobtrusive use on stage. The ultra-thin bodypack transmitter measures just 3.07 x 2.16 x 0.63 inches and weighs only 3.2 ounces including the battery. The low-profile design allows the P10R to be worn comfortably on nearly any instrument without getting in the way of your performance. Integrated wire management helps keep cables neatly tucked away.

Diversity Operation for Rock-Solid RF Reliability

RF interference can ruin a live performance, causing frustrating dropouts and poor sound quality. The P10R diversity bodypack has two independent antenna inputs that dramatically improve RF signal reception. This dual-antenna diversity operation enables seamless switching between the two reception paths, providing a clean, strong signal free of interference. You can move freely around the stage without worrying about signal loss.

Advanced Front-End RF Filtering

Cutting-edge RF filtering in the P10R bodypack eliminates out-of-band interference that can muddy your sound. Precision filters remove unwanted signals outside the operating frequency, resulting in a stronger, cleaner RF signal. This allows operation free of audible artifacts, dropouts, and noise from interference. The end result is pristine audio reproduction that accurately captures every subtle nuance of your musical performance.

Full-Spectrum Frequency Scanning

Finding clear frequencies for wireless systems can be difficult and time consuming on crowded RF spectrum. The Shure P10R system makes this easy with full-bandwidth frequency scanning. Simply press scan on the bodypack menu to analyze the local RF environment and identify the best open frequencies for operation. The scan results display on the backlit LCD screen so you can choose the optimal frequency and avoid interference during your show.

Quick IR Sync with Transmitter

After scanning for frequencies, you can rapidly sync the bodypack settings to the P10T transmitter via infrared. The IR port allows quick, wireless synchronization of frequency, gain, and other parameters between units in seconds. This convenient sync function eliminates manually re-entering settings to get perfectly matched operation between transmitter and bodypack.

High-Quality Condenser Microphone Element

The P10R bodypack comes paired with Shure’s outstanding P10T condenser instrument transmitter, featuring a studio-quality microphone element. The highly consistent supercardioid polar pattern expertly isolates the sound source while rejecting unwanted off-axis noises. The result is incredibly detailed and natural reproduction of acoustic and electric string instruments. From the brightest highs to the deepest lows, the P10T microphone captures every nuance in stunning clarity.

Designed for the Working Musician

Shure built the P10 wireless system to meet the demands of gigging musicians who need rock-solid reliability and pristine sound. The all-metal construction provides exceptional durability to withstand night after night of live performance. Over 12 hours of battery life gives you peace of mind that you’ll never run out of juice mid-show. When your livelihood depends on your stage equipment, you can trust the Shure P10R and P10T to deliver flawless results every time.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-thin, 3.2 ounce bodypack design allows discreet placement on instruments
  • Dual-antenna diversity bodypack for dramatically improved RF signal reception
  • Advanced RF filtering eliminates interference for clean, dropout-free signal
  • Full-spectrum scanning finds clear frequencies for operation
  • IR sync quickly transfers settings between bodypack and transmitter
  • Incredibly detailed sound with supercardioid condenser mic element
  • Rugged metal construction withstands gigging use
  • 12+ hour battery life for reliable all-night operation

Take your live instrumental performances to the next level with the Shure P10R-G10 ultra-thin condenser microphone system. Experience interference-free operation and pristine audio quality show after show.


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